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Lesson 2 – Setup & Configure your New Business Email Account

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This video tutorial lesson shows you how to create and configure business email accounts with your new domain name that you set up with BlueHost. Having an email address with your domain name in it is an important part of “branding” your website. I am amazed at the number of small business owners I know who have websites but still use Yahoo, Hotmail or MSN email accounts.

In our new hosting account with BlueHost we will set up a primary account and set up both Outlook and Gmail to download email sent to that address. Finally, we will set up additional business accounts for coworkers.

Setup your Primary Email Account – Watch Video

  • Review the registration email you received from BlueHost
  • Email accounts in C-Panel
  • Create your first email account

Configure Outlook to Receive Mail from your Primary Account – Watch Video

  • Outlook accounts wizard
  • Email settings
  • Mail server settings
  • Test your account settings

Configure Gmail to Receive Mail from your Primary Account – Watch Video

  • Gmail settings
  • Pop3 account settings
  • Verify permissions
  • Access email from Gmail

Setup Additional Email Accounts – Watch Video

  • Add another account
  • BlueHost email accounts

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