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Lesson 2 – Part 3 – Configure Gmail to Use your Business Email Account

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The next thing we want to do is connect a Gmail account if you have one to your new domain name. You’ll need a Gmail account for configuring Google to interact with your business website. You don’t necessarily have to use Outlook and Gmail but I thought I would show you the two that I have to give you an idea of how different each of these setups are.

Go to Google and hit Sign In and go to my Google account. This is I’m now signed in if I go to Gmail. The way you do that is to come over here to Settings, select it, go to Accounts and Import and then go down to Check Mail using POP3 and add a POP3 account. You can see that my other account is on here as well. So add a POP3 email account. You would type the email address that we had earlier, so in my case it’s Click Next. Remember what that username was (in case you’ve forgotten you can go back over here to the BlueHost panel). That username is your name This is where you will find that information.

So that is Enter the password. The POP3 server as you recall was Port 110 is correct. I generally don’t leave a copy retrieved on the server. I don’t need the secure connection for the email. I’m happy with that label of incoming messages so I’m going to say add an account.

Now it says “You can now retrieve mail from this account. Would you like to be able to send mail as” Yes, I would like to be able to do that. So I hit “Yes” for the next step. My name is Rick Anderson so I hit Next Step. “Send mail through your SMTP server?” — it’s much simpler to send it just through Gmail so we’ll go ahead and just leave that radio button selected and hit Next.

And then it asks for verification, so in order to get this we are going to hit Send Verification. And now comes the interesting part. In order for us to get this verification we are going to have to go back to our account and look at that email even though we can’t get at it from here. Go back to BlueHost and back to the Control Panel and then go to Email Account and then you can see this thing here where it says — by your Email Account here — Access Webmail, select that icon. You’ll be asked to enter your password again and you can choose any one of these three mail readers. I’m going to choose Round Cube. Here’s that email that Gmail sent you so let’s open it up and you can read it here. It’s asking for this confirmation code so you select that confirmation code and copy it. Then you go back to this spot in Gmail and paste it into that there and hit Verify and you are finished.

So we’ll hit Log Out here for that and we’ll close that and go back to our Gmail settings here.  We can go to Inbox and now that we’ve got our business email set up, the Gmail we saw in the web application earlier has now been delivered to our email box.

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