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Lesson 4 – Setup your FTP System

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In this video tutorial you will learn to setup and configure the FTP and local file system for your site. For easy maintenance of your WordPress website and customization it is essential to have a well organized file structure on both your local computer and your website. It is also very useful to have those files synchronized so that updates to one file system can be transferred to the other. In this lesson you’ll learn to set that up.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it used to be the only way to install WordPress. Even though WordPress installation is easier today, using FTP remains an essential skill to any web owner. Today we use FTP to synchronize our local file system with our website and to upload WordPress themes and WordPress plugins to our site.

Download and Install FileZilla – Watch Video

  • Download the correct version
  • Install

Configure FileZilla to Connect to your Website – Watch Video

  • How to organize your file structure
  • Setting up file structure on your local computer
  • How to configure your FTP client
  • Connect to your site

Download Customization Section from your Website – Watch Video

  • Compare your local files to your site files
  • Copy your site to your local computer

Configure Filezilla to Synchronize with your Website – Watch Video

  • The benefits of synchronization
  • Setting it to synchronize
  • Testing the system

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