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Lesson 5 – Installing & Using WordPress Themes

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This video tutorial lesson is a comprehensive look at using WordPress Themes. We have updated this series and have moved the Installing WordPress to Lesson 3. Here you’ll see how themes change the overall look, feel and functionality of WordPress websites. Once you understand what themes change on a website, we show you how to find both free and premium WordPress themes. Finally, we explore some of the customization options available once a theme is activated.

While there are lots of free WordPress themes, after this lesson we focus on completing a Professional Business website using the premium Thesis 2 Theme and the Genesis 2 Theme.  If you aren’t sure which theme you want to build your site with, we recommend watching our seminar How to Choose Between Thesis 2 and Genesis 2 for Building Your Website. If you know which theme you want to work with, select one of the links below to continue customizing your site.

In this lesson you will learn to:

Lesson 5 – Part 1 – Understanding WordPress Themes

  • What Themes Change on a Site
    • Appearance
    • Menu Location
    • Featured Image
    • Image Sizing
  • What Doesn’t Change When Switching Themes
  • What May Change When Switching Themes

Lesson 5 – Part 2 – Finding Free WordPress Themes

  • WordPress Free Themes Library
    • Ways to Search for Themes
  • Using Reputable Sources

Lesson 5 – Part 3 – Finding Premium WordPress Themes

  • Why Small Businesses Use Premium Themes
  • Sources of Reputable Themes
  • Questionable Sources of Themes
    • What to Consider When Purchasing

Lesson 5 – Part 4 – Simple WordPress Theme Customization

  • Available Customization Depends on the Theme
    • Example 1, Twenty Twelve Theme
    • Example 2, Twenty Fourteen Theme
    • Example 3, Twenty Thirteen Theme
  • Fourteen Extended Plugin for Twenty Fourteen

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