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Lesson 5 – Part 2 – Finding Free WordPress Themes

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Now that you have an understanding of how WordPress themes work, we’re going to talk about finding free WordPress Themes. Most of you who are attending or watching this are probably using either the Thesis 2 theme or the Genesis2  theme for your small business sites so this whole conversation about free themes is not going to be of much interest to you.

But for folks who are new to WordPress and want to check out free themes here is what you need to know to find them and to make sure you get a secure one.

WordPress Free Themes Library

In fact, has thousands and thousands of free themes.

Featured and Popular Themes

If you want to add a free theme you can just click Add New and you can look at featured themes. We already have both of their featured themes at the moment because they came with the installation of WordPress 3.9.

You could also look at popular themes. There are all kinds of popular themes that you can install. Let’s install this one. All you have to do is find one and install it. Let’s refresh the page and as you learned you have a completely different looking site now with this theme change.

Search with Filter Criteria

You can also search by feature filters so you could say you want a blue theme that has a responsive layout. I’ll apply those filters and now here are a bunch of blue themes with a responsive layout.

You can preview the themes and you can see all of its characteristics. There are just all kinds of ways you can drill down to get specific features. Say I want it to be a 2 column layout. Let’s apply that filter and now you’ve got blue responsive 2 column themes.

Say you want to use featured images, we’ll apply that filter and you can see that your choices get a little bit different. So these are ways to sort through the WordPress theme library and pick one of their free themes.

Why It’s Important to Get Themes From Reputable Sources

There are a handful of other reputable theme houses that have free themes as well but you want to be very, very, very careful where you get them. You never want to get a free theme from a source that you don’t absolutely trust because lots of free themes are created by spammers who use those to hijack your site and spam people.

You might think, “Oh my gosh, look at this great guy he’s got this great site with this great free theme” and people say nice things about it. But if it’s not from an absolutely trusted source, the chances are it was written by a spammer and it has malicious code inside of it that will help him hijack your site. There are thousands of those available.

All you have to do is go do a search for free WordPress themes and you will find 9 of every 10 you find will be associated with spammers or hackers looking for suckers whose site to take over. So be very, very careful about where you get your free themes. I would only get them from very trusted sources. And actually the same kind of thing is true for paid themes as well.

Again, you only want to buy paid themes from trusted sources because there are radically different abilities in coding amongst people who purport to be professional theme developers. Lots of paid themes are horrible. So you need to be very suspicious of the source before you make purchases like that.

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