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Lesson 10 – Part 5 – Add Contact Information using a Text Widget

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The next thing we’re going to do is use a text widget to add contact information to this business/professional Genesis theme website. If we come over and look at one of these pages here. This is the contact information I was referring to.

We’ve got our contact information that we’ll add to the footer and if we come back to our widgets panel, we’re going to go in Footer Widget 3 which is the far right hand footer widget. We’re going to grab this text widget here, give it a title, Contact Us then Rick Anderson,,, put my phone number, (206)-801-5209, 935 Daley Street, Edmonds WA. There’s some contact information.

Automatically Add Paragraph Tags

You can see we can either automatically add paragraphs or not. I’m going to automatically add paragraphs first which means that each one of these will be wrapped in an HTML paragraph tag and we’ll save that so you can see what that looks like.

Come back over here and refresh this. Am I on the right place? Maybe I didn’t hit save, let’s drag blank widgets to Footer Area 1 and 2, save and refresh. Here’s our contact information with the paragraph tags in there.

If we take out the paragraph tags, there is a difference because what happens is it ignores the fact that each one of these things are on a different line and it just runs them all together, that’s what happens. If we automatically add paragraph tags, refresh it, there’s our contact information.

Add a LinkedIn Widget

You’ll notice there’s a difference here in this contact information. This is my LinkedIn contact information and I want to go to LinkedIn. Here I am in my profile and I’m going to search for my LinkedIn widget. We’re just going to go borrow it from the other site because the critical part about this is not how to use LinkedIn obviously, it’s the ability of a text widget to take a script like LinkedIn produces.

If we go my widgets over here and Footer 3, here’s this JavaScript that you can get from LinkedIn. You can find it on their site that and use in our widget instead. We’ve got this script right here and that’s replacing the BYOB Website.

The point about this is that we’re using a script along with text. That’s the power of the text widget,  you can put just about anything in this thing. If we come back over and refresh this, now my LinkedIn shows up along with the rest of the text. That’s the real power of this and when we go to add a YouTube video, we’ll be doing exactly the same thing.

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