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Lesson 12 – Add Blog Functionality to the Site

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Lesson 12 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Genesis theme and WordPress is all about setting up a blog for your small business/professional website.

We begin by talking about WordPress and Genesis as a content management system and what that means. We discuss WordPress content types such as pages and posts as well as taxonomies such as categories and tags. This is followed up by a discussion of the inherent organization in pages and posts and how to use taxonomy for organizing your posts.

We move on to reviewing the display styles available for your posts and then show how to add the blog functionality to your Genesis site. The lesson concludes with a discussion and demonstration of useful blog related widgets, in particular how to have control over which widgets display on particular pages.

WordPress and Genesis as a content management system (CMS) – Watch the Video

  • What is a content management system?

  • Terminology

    • WordPress is bad at precise terminology
    • Web Page
    • Content Type
    • Taxonomy
  • WordPress Content Types

    • Page
    • Post
    • Attachment
    • Custom
  • WordPress Taxonomies

    • Categories
    • Post Tags
    • Author
    • Date
    • Custom
  • The Types of Web Pages WordPress generates

    • Page page
    • Post page
    • Home page (Posts page)
    • Front page
    • Agency turns this upside down
    • Search page
    • 404 page
    • Attachment page
    • Archive page
      • Date archive
        • Day
        • Month
        • Year
      • Author archive
      • Category archive
      • Tag archive
      • Custom Taxonomy archive (taxonomy archive)

Organizing Content in WordPress – Watch the Video

  • Inherent Organization

    • Pages –
      • hierarchical
        • parent
        • child
        • sibling
      • No typical WordPress taxonomies apply
        • No date organization
        • No author organization
        • No post tags or categories
    • Posts – sequential
      • sequence – one after the other in order of creation
      • no hierarchy
      • All typical WordPress taxonomies apply
  • Taxonomy Organization

    • Date –  sequential by published date
    • Author – alphabetical, neither sequential nor hierarchical
    • Categories – hierarchical
    • Post tags – alphabetical, neither hierarchical nor sequential
    • Custom taxonomies – either hierarchical or not, not sequential

Displaying Content in WordPress and the Genesis/Agency Child Theme – Watch the Video

  • WordPress Display styles

    • Full page
      • Pages
      • Single Posts
      • Custom Post types
      • Attachments
    • Full Posts
      • Exists only on posts page or archive pages
      • Posts
      • Custom Post Types
    • Excerpts
      • Exists only on posts page or archive pages
      • Posts
      • Custom Post Types
  • Genesis Theme Display Styles

    • Feature Post
      • Same as Full Posts
    • Teasers
      • Exists only on posts page or archive pages
      • Posts
      • Custom Post Types
    • Post Titles
      • Exists only on archive pages
      • Posts
      • Custom Post Types

Add Blog Functionality to the Genesis Theme Site – Watch the Video

  • Review our Site Architecture
  • Create our Category Structure
  • Create our Posts
    • Add title
    • Add text
    • Add image to post
    • Add Featured image
    • Categorize
  • Setup the blog page
  • Set up Pretty permalinks

Set the Display Style for Posts and Archive Pages – Watch the Video

  • View the defaults

    • Posts page
    • category archive page
  • Set the number of posts displayed on the posts and archive pages

  • Genesis Theme Settings

    • Content Archives
      • Choose content display
      • Limit characters
      • Include Featured image
      • Sort order
    • Blog Page
      • Categories to display
      • Exclude
      • Posts to show

Using Blog Related Widgets – Watch the Video

  • Recent Posts
  • Genesis Theme- Featured Posts
  • Categories
  • Install Widgets Reloaded
  • Configure Advanced Categories Widget

Control Which Widgets Display on Which Pages – Watch the Video

  • Install Display Widgets
  • The Trigger – Show All vs Hide All
  • Set some widgets to display only on specific pages

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