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Lesson 12 – Part 7 – Control Which Widgets Display on Which Pages

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The last thing we’re going to talk about is how to control which widgets display on which pages on our Genesis theme site. As you can see we’ve got a whole bunch of different widgets here and we don’t really want them all on every page. We want some widgets on some pages and other widgets on other pages but we don’t want them all together.

Display Widgets Plugin

As luck would have it, there’s another plugin for us that we’re going to install on our Genesis theme site and that’s called Display Widgets. We’re going to add this new plugin, search for Display Widgets and install it now. Activate the plugin, come back over to our widgets panel now and you’ll see that to our widgets are added this handy dandy thing that allows you to decide where these are going to be displayed.

Let’s leave our call to action on every one. For our contact form, what we’re going to do here is instead of “Hide on checked”, we’re going to say, “Show on checked” and we’re just going to pick the pages that we want that to show up on. We want that contact form say to show up on our 404 page and the Search page then will show up on About page, our Services page and our Articles page but we’re going to leave it off of everything else.

Show on Checked Versus Hide on Checked

We hit save, come back over to this, refresh our About page, the contact form is still there. If we come over to Projects, it’s not there, come over to Services, it is there so it’s showing up just fine. Come over to our Articles page, it’s there, if we go to a Single Post page, it’s not there so it’s working the way we want it to. Let’s take our Testimonial and “Show on checked”, show it on our About page, Services page, Architecture Services, Builder Spec Home Design, Custom Home, Remodel Design and Testimonials.

We’re going to take the Neely Residence one, we are going to “Show on checked” and we’re only going to show it on the West Seattle View Home, that only shows up on one page. Now we take our featured posts, we’re going to “Show on checked” and only going to show up on a Single Post page, 505 page, Search page and our Articles page.

We come down here to our categories and we’ll show it up on Bathroom Design, Design Ideas, How to Design Your Home, Site Design and even uncategorized just in case somebody gets there.

Our categories, we’re going to “Show on checked” and it’s going to show on Archives page, Single Post, 404, Search page, Articles page and all of our category pages. Hit save, so now what we’ve done is we’ve made it so that these widgets only show up where we really want them to, they won’t show up everywhere.

We only show them in the cases where we want them to show up. I guess I should point out to you the way this works. You see the “Show on checked” or “Hide on checked”, obviously, if you only want to show up on a few pages then you would use “Show on checked” but if you want it to show almost everywhere except for a few pages, then you would pick “Hide on Checked”. That’s the way that works.

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