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Lesson 12 – Part 5 – Set the Display Style for Posts and Archive Pages

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The next thing we’re going to do is set the display style for our posts in archive pages for the Genesis Theme. Right now we have our default and it’s essentially full posts, that’s what we’ve got going on here. If we look at our category “Site Design”, those are also showing up as full posts. If we look at category for “How to Design Your Home”, the category is showing full posts. That’s the way this thing is set up at the moment, our post page and our archive pages are showing full posts.

Display Posts Settings

To start this off under Settings and Reading, this is the place where you tell WordPress how many posts you want to display on an archive page and on your posts page. This says, “Blog pages show at most” 10 posts and you can set it to be whatever you want it to be but if you have more than the number here then it has a link at the bottom that says, “Previous Posts” and so on and so forth but this is where you set that number by default in WordPress.

Using Featured Images

Let’s come back over to Genesis Theme Settings. We’re going to start mucking around with this here a bit by looking at the content archives. Right now we have content archives set to display the post content. Let’s just look at it as “Display post excerpts” and what I’m going to do is say, “Include the Featured Image”.

The featured image I’m going to include here in this case, is the large version at 590 and we’re going to save settings. Come back over and take a look at this, now we have our excerpt here so we’ve got an image. What’s interesting to note about this is that at the moment, we don’t really have featured images setup for these posts so what it’s done is it has taken the first image in the post.

Now we can change that image if we want. We said it’s the large one but we could say use the medium image size and save settings. Now our image is going to come down to 300×300 so now you’ve got this nice look with the title above it, an image with the text here beside so that’s one way to look at this.

Another thing you could do is instead of medium, you could do thumbnail and hit save settings. An image can get smaller, now the images are all exactly the same size. You could even use that home featured that we used in the last lesson and get that kind of a configuration but I happen to like the 300px thing best so we just do that.

Number of Posts to Display

Because we don’t have a lengthy enough post, you can’t really see how this is going to behave, “Select Post Navigation Technique” but the post navigation at the bottom can say, “Older/Newer” or can say, “Previous/Next” or it can have page numbers. I don’t have enough posts to do that here. Actually, there’s another place where you can change a number of posts so we’re going to change the number of posts down to 2, save settings and see what happens when that happens.

There’s your older posts thing, that’s older and newer posts and if we used previous and next, it would say that instead. Refresh it so Previous, Next Page, Previous Page and we could also give it numbers. You’re on page 1 and you go to page 2 so you have that whole thing that can happen as well in terms of post navigation.

We’re going to take this back to 10 for the moment and what you just saw here is that there is more than one way to limit the number of posts. This is actually only on a blog page, you limit the number of posts only on a blog page with this. It doesn’t affect the archive pages, the other one will affect both. Nevertheless, you can change your blog page here while the other ones still display 10.

Display the Category

The other setting that’s available to you here with the blog page is what categories you want to show. Right now, it’s showing all categories but I’m only going to display the category, “How to Design Your Home” on the blog page, hit save settings and refresh it. That’s the parent category so there’s nothing here that shows up. We only have one post per category so it’s not really a very useful thing at the moment.

We’re going to display all categories but we don’t want to show uncategorized on the blog page. Uncategory has an ID of 1 so we’re going to hit save settings and we only have the first 4 articles, we don’t have that uncategorized post.

If we didn’t exclude that, that one uncategorized post is going to show up, there it is, “Hello World”. That’s how you set up the display style for both your posts page and your archives page. Actually, just so you can see, that’s what happens in the archives page too, it gets exactly the same style.

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