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Lesson 13 – Integrating your Site with Google

Lesson 13 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Genesis theme and WordPress shows you how to integrate your small business/professional website with Google.

We begin by showing how to create a sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps and we discuss why that is so important. Then we show how to create a Google Account which you need in order to use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Google Analytics allows you to keep track who comes to your site, what they do with your site, how long they spend on your site, who sends them to your site, what search terms they looked for to get to your site and what kind of traffic you’re getting at your site. While Google Webmaster provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.

The lesson concludes by showing how to configure both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, then we take you on a tour of their interfaces and talk about how to use them.

Create a Sitemap – Watch the Video

  • Download Google XML Sitemaps
  • Set Plugin Options
    • Basic Options
    • Additional Pages
    • Post Priority
    • Location of your sitemap file
    • Sitemap Content
    • Excluded Items
    • Change Frequencies
    • Priorities
  • Generate Sitemap
  • Verify Sitemap

Create a Google account – Watch the Video

  • Create a Gmail account

Configure Google Analytics – Watch the Video

  • Create Analytics account

    • Account name
    • URL
    • Timezone
    • Data sharing
    • User agreement
  • Get Analytics tracking code

    • Choose the correct tracking
    • Copy the code
  • Add Tracking code to site

    • Genesis Theme Settings
  • Verify tracking code

    • View source
    • Analytics Admin
      • Account Admin
      • Slelect account name
      • Select Tracking Code
      • Website Tracking

Tour Google Analytics – Watch the Video

  • Audience

    • Overview
    • Demographics – Location
    • Behavior – Frequency & Recency
    • Behavior – Engagement
  • Traffic Sources

    • Overview
    • Sources – Referrals
    • Sources – Search – Organic
      • add a secondary dimension
      • look at new visitors only
  • Content

    • Pages
    • Landing pages
  • Advanced Segments

Configure Webmaster Tools – Watch the Video

  • Add a site
  • Verify Ownership
    • Alternate method
    • GA tracking code
  • Add Sitemap

Tour Webmaster Tools – Watch the Video

  • Dashboard
  • Site Configuration
  • Diagnostics

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