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Lesson 13 – Part 5 – Configure Webmaster Tools

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Sign Up for Google Webmaster Tools

The next thing we’re going to do is to configure Google Webmaster Tools. We’re going to do that again here in this site so what I need to do is find Webmaster Tools. We’re going to sign up for Webmaster Tools and the site we’re going to add is the right one this time.

Now, it’s asking me to verify my ownership and the recommended method is to use the Google Analytics account. I have to be using asynchronous tracking code which we are, it’s in the head, I have to be the Admin of the Analytics account, obviously it knows I’m logged in so I can just hit verify. I verified my ownership of sbywh-final-agency and here we are at our Google Webmaster Tools.

Submit Sitemaps

Now, the only thing we can do right now with this, is to submit our sitemap because again, it needs a couple of days of gathering information before it can do anything. Click on sitemaps there and we’re going to add a sitemap. Remember that sitemap name is sitemap.xml, we’re going to test the sitemap and view the test results. It sees 23 pages are submitted, there were no errors so we’re going to close the test and now we’re just going to add it.

Configuration and Settings

Once we’ve added it, we refresh the page, it runs out and grabs all that information and now it understands what’s in the index. Having said of this Webmaster Tools account and having added the sitemap, we can come over here and take a look at Configuration and Settings and we can set up a geographic target say the United States in this case.

We’re going to let Google optimize the crawl rate. It’s pretty much all we have to do here. It’s going to go through here and look at our users and the owner is It’s possible for you to make somebody else the user if you wish and all the rest of these are going to show us absolutely nothing. What we’re going to do now then is go to a site that does have something that we can look at.

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