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Lesson 13 – Part 6 – Tour Webmaster Tools

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Testing the Sitemap

We’ll go to my account, go to products and go to Webmaster Tools. Actually, this one will let us come over here and take a look at the which is what we’re looking at before. We look at our sitemap, it’s got 38 URLs that were submitted and 35 URLs that were indexed. It’s saying that there are no crawl errors although there is one that has access denied and I think I probably have that on purpose.

If we take a look at the site health and look at crawl errors, except for this access denied error, wp-app-service, we wouldn’t want access to that so that’s fine. I don’t know why it tried to get into there. If we look at the status of our index, we have 41 pages total in our index as of yesterday. If we look at the malware, we don’t have any malware on the site. If we look at links to our site, it notices 439 links to the site, byobtutorial links to it, byobwebsite links to it, missindia links to it, thesisestore and updowner.

HTML Improvements

This is the most linked to content for example then you’ve got these other things that say how the data is linked. This is what I was expecting to show you originally. You can see what your internal links are because there’s bound to be a bunch of internal links. If we look at our HTML Improvements, it says that there are no duplicate meta descriptions, no long meta descriptions but it does find 5 short meta descriptions.

If we look at those short meta descriptions, Evidently “A visual guide to the headline_are in Thesis”, “A visual guide to the CSS of #comments in Thesis” is too short so it’s suggesting that we could increase those. Other pages are missing title tags but two pages have duplicate title tags. If we look at those two pages, it would be the main homepage and the blogs so that’s something that could be changed if we want to fix that.

None of them are long, none of them are too short, none of them are non-informative which is what’s important. This is something that’s relatively new in Google and if Google feels like your title tags are not informative, then it will ding you. I think that’s just about it, that’s what I want to show you here. The most critical part of this is just setting up the sitemap and getting the sitemap submitted.

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