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Lesson 14 – Administrative Tasks

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Lesson 14 of our Build a Professional Services Website using the Genesis theme and WordPress is all about the administrative tasks that keep your website running smoothly and in good health.

We begin by talking about WordPress backup basics such as what and when to backup on your site. Then we show how to backup your site both manually and automatically. For the automatic backup we discuss why we recommend using BackupBuddy over any other plugin.

The lesson concludes by showing how to upgrade plugins, the Genesis theme and WordPress. It is vital to the health of your website that you keep it updated and properly maintained. You don’t want to make it easy for hackers to get into your site.

WordPress Backup Basics – Watch the Video

  • Where WordPress Stores Information

    • Database
      • All pages, posts
      • addresses of all images
      • All plugin and theme options
      • All WordPress settings
    • Files
      • Plugin files
      • Theme files
      • Customization Files
      • Uploads (media library & plugin uploads)
      • Upgrade files
  • What to Backup?

    • Short Answer – Everything
      • Database
      • All site files
    • Long Answer – at a minimum
      • Database
      • Customization files
      • Genesis theme settings
      • WordPress “content”
  • When to Backup?

    • Automatically
      • On a schedule
    • Manually
      • Before any significant upgrade
      • After all upgrades are completed
  • How I backup BYOBWebsite\

    • Automatic backups
    • Manual full backups
    • Manual database backups
    • Occasional creation of a local copy
  • Test it occasionally

How to backup your site manually – Watch the Video

  • A belt and suspenders approach – multiple independent redundant backups

  • Level 1 – Backup everything together

    • the whole database
    • all the site files
    • download and save
  • Level 2 – Backup Customization Files and Uploads

    • wp-content/themes
    • wp-content/uploads
    • other plugin specific wp-content folders
  • Level 3 – Backup easily imported settings and content

    • Theme settings
    • WordPress export
  • Store it all in a safe place

How to backup your site automatically – Watch the Video

  • Pick the right plugin

    • Criteria
      • Automatic
      • Selective
      • Sends backups to remote storage
    • Options
      • BackupBuddy
      • BackWPup
  • Configure BackWPup

    • Schedule backups
    • Perform Repair
    • File Permissions
    • Backup Folder
    • Timezone
    • Maximum backups
    • Date Stamp
    • Database Tables
    • Alternate method
    • Excluded folders
    • Configure Dropbox
  • Download the backup

  • View the backup contents

How to upgrade plugins – Watch the Video

  • When in doubt, back it up first
  • Use the automatic upgrade
  • Do a Manual Upgrade
    • deactivate the plugin
    • upload new files via FileZilla
    • reactivate

How to upgrade the Genesis theme – Watch the Video

  • Download current Theme settings
  • Use automatic upgrade

How to upgrade WordPress – Watch the Video

  • Backup Everything
  • Deactivate plugins
  • Auto Upgrade
  • Reactivate plugins

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