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Lesson 14 – Part 5 – How to Upgrade Genesis

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Update Genesis Theme Settings

The next thing we’re going to do actually is upgrade the Genesis theme. Upgrading Genesis is very simple and the first thing we want to do is if we don’t backup anything else, we want to make sure that we backup our Theme Settings. We’re just going to come over here to Import/Export and export our Theme Settings just like we did earlier. Then we come over here to Upgrade Center, we’ll just come down here check this and say, Update Themes.

Now, it used to be a lot more complicated than this but the Genesis theme has instituted this automatic upgrade system like this and it works perfectly. You can actually and you ought to upgrade all of the themes even if you’re not using them. You should really, just select them all and update 2011 and 2010 as well.

Why Update the Theme Settings?

The reason why you would update that is because for the same reason you update plugins. 2010 had some security holes in it a few months ago and if you have an old version of 2010, you might have had malware on your site so it’s important to just to upgrade those things.

I would say actually, what’s really important is to delete those themes that you aren’t using. I’m not using Thesis on this so I’m going to delete Thesis however, I’m not going to delete 2010 or 2011 because those are both useful for troubleshooting because they’re the default themes.

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