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Lesson 14 – Part 6 – How to Upgrade WordPress

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The very last thing to do is to learn how to upgrade WordPress. WordPress upgrades can run the gamut from very simple to very complex. We currently have WordPress 3.4.beta3 and it’s the WordPress 3.4.2. This is probably going to go smoothly but when we upgrade from WordPress 3.4 to WordPress 3.5, we’re going to want to make sure we do the full blown backup immediately before we do that.

I actually have a seminar on this on the site. It’s “How to Upgrade Your WordPress Website – A Best Practices Demonstration”. When you go from 3.4 to 3.5 or 3.5 to 3.6, I strongly recommend that you come and look at this and follow these directions because these are more extensive than the directions I’m going to give you now. However, the maintenance release upgrades usually go quite smoothly so we’re going to follow a simplified method of doing that.

Deactivate All Plugins

That simplified method simply involves going to our plugins, selecting them all and deactivating all of our plugins then coming up here and clicking on, Please Update Now. The reason you deactivate your plugins first is because there can be incompatibility issues and those can make your site crash during the installation process. So you want to remove all that, that WordPress get in and get itself up.

Activate the Safe Plugins

I guess I didn’t Update Now, I just said go there so let’s update it now and it’s going to tell us when it gets completed. It says it was successfully completed, you see this new thing here and now we can go back to our plugins. What I do is I first activate the safe plugins, things I know there’s no chance there’s going to be a problem with then one or two at a time, I activate the other plugins to make sure that there’s not a problem. This is where you know which plugin has a problem if something fails after you upgrade the plugin.

If we come back over and take a look at the site, we can see the site’s working just as we expected it to work and the site now has the latest version of Genesis, the latest version of WordPress and all the latest versions of our plugins. I’m just going to walk through that one more time because I did this on sbywh-8 but now I’m going to do it on sbywh-final. Again, we come back over here and look at that, I don’t have any upgrades, this is entirely upgraded already. Go to updates and it’s going to say everything is all up to date.

Backup After an Upgrade

As soon as everything is all up to date, you just create yourself a backup using whatever system you want. In fact, I’m just going to come over here to Jobs, now that everything is up to date, I’m going to run that now. It’s giving me a progress bar here. The full backup takes a bit longer because there’s quite a bit more to backup. It’s finished the backup and it’s transferred all the files now the files are quite a bit larger.

I have a 157 GB free on my Dropbox, I have a lot of room there. Now that we have a complete backup of the system and it’s currently trying to download that backup, it’s not showing up here yet but it’ll be there in a little while because that’s a bigger file.

That wraps up Lesson 14 and actually, it wraps up the entire series. I hope that you found this useful and informative and to the extent that you have questions about this that you haven’t had the opportunity to ask, I encourage you to use our Wednesday live call in sessions or use the forum to ask questions about how to make these work specifically for you. Thank you very much and good luck in building your website.

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