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Lesson 6 – Installing Genesis & the Agency Child Theme

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Lesson 6, Installing the Genesis theme and the Agency Child Theme, introduces our Build a Professional Website Using Genesis and WordPress course. The first five lessons are generic to WordPress and it is not until Lesson 6 that we get specifically to working with the Genesis theme and the Agency child theme. Here you will learn about the type of site we are creating with this lesson series, one that is suitable for service professionals or independent small businesses and that looks good on mobile devices.

We also talk about the benefits of using the Genesis theme for a small business website. We provide an additional benefit with our specially designed plugins for Genesis.

Genesis works with child themes. We have an in depth discussion of child themes – what they are, the types available and why we chose to use the Agency child theme for this course. We conclude the lesson by showing how to install the Genesis theme and the Agency Child theme and then taking you on a tour of each of their settings.

Course Introduction – Watch the Video

  • What this course is about

    • by taking this course you will learn
      • How to create a website suitable for service professionals using WordPress and the Genesis Theme Framework
      • All the basics of using WordPress
      • All the basics of using the Genesis Theme Framework
      • How to configure the Agency child theme
      • How to use Google to promote your site
      • How to backup and maintain your site
    • example –
      • architect’s portfolio site
    • take a quick tour
  • 9 week course

    • 1x per week, Monday Evenings from 5:00-7:00
    • Webinar format – 90 minutes of presentation with 30 minutes of Q&A
    • We’ll go for roughly 60 minutes
    • ‘Take a 5 minute break
  • How to participate

    • 4 venues for answering questions
      • Q&A each session
      • Live Q&A
      • Forum
      • Facebook Wall
    • Questions format – text and screenr
    • How to obtain practice files
  • Who is this class for?

    • Anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of setting up a site like this using WordPress
    • Focused on beginning students.  Those who have little or no experience with WordPress
    • If you’re an intermediate WordPress user – there is lots of stuff here that you already know
  • Why am I teaching this course?Because I love it!

    • Because this helped me survive a crushing recession
      • I was in the worst position possible.  I didn’t advertise, hadn’t taken new clients in years
      • My client base died and I had to instantly develop a new client base when the potential client base had become quite small.
      • Creating my own website got me new clients
  • What can you do for ME?

    • Ask questions about your site, about WordPress
    • Don’t be afraid to go public
    • Ask questions on Facebook
    • If you are getting value out of this then pass it on

The Type of Site We are Creating – Watch the Video

  • A website suitable for service professional or independent small business that looks good on mobile devices

    • architects, engineers, designers,
    • coaches, consultants,
    • contractors, sub-contractors
  • The business purpose for the site is:

    • This site architecture is unique
      • It’s entirely different than if you are selling products
      • different from a blog
      • different from a membership site
    • Help prospective clients find you when they are searching for your services online
    • Present the services that you offer
    • Establish your credibility in the field
    • Uniquely styled site
  • While the site may ultimately have a blog it is not strictly a blog site

    • Phase 1 – completely static site
    • Phase 2 – add blog functionality
  • With a specific set of tools

    • WordPress
    • Genesis theme
    • Agency child theme
    • BYOB Genesis Plugins
    • NextGen Gallery Plugin
    • Genesis Slider Plugin
    • Google Analytics products
  • Why these tools?

    • Because I’ve tested them together and they work together
    • Because they can be used without learning CSS or PHP

Why Use the Genesis theme for a Small Business Website? – Watch the Video

  • Huge choice of child themes

    • Studio Press Themes
    • Community Themes
    • Other sources
  • Massive support

    • Support Forums
  • Theme specific plugins

    • WordPress repository
    • Examples
  • Modern theme features

    • Includes SEO options
    • Includes latest WordPress advances

Genesis Parent Theme & Child Theme – Watch the Video

  • What is a child theme?

    • A theme that requires another theme to operate.
    • It builds on or modifies another theme’s functionality and appearance
    • Historically
      • A way to make minor changes to a theme without hacking the core theme files
      • Example – make a small stylistic change
    • In current practice with Genesis
      • Genesis child themes are entirely new themes built off of the Genesis core
      • Not simply stylistic changes but a whole set of custom functionality
  • Understanding the relationship between the parent and child theme

    • WordPress looks first to the child them
    • Then to the parent theme
  • Using the Genesis theme without a child theme

    • Genesis is fully functional without a child theme
    • Genesis has a very minimal style
    • Genesis has few options for changing that style

Types of Genesis 2 Child Themes – Watch the Video

  • Business child themes

    • Characteristics of a business appropriate theme
      • Has a design for a static front page
      • Can be used without using blog functions
      • Looks professional
    • Examples of business child themes
      • At studio press
        • Agency
        • Associate
        • Backcountry
        • Corporate
        • Crystal
        • Delicious
        • Enterprise
        • Freelance
        • Landscape (especially for graphic intensive sites)
        • Manhattan (especially for graphic intensive sites)
        • Metric
        • Midnight
        • Minimum
        • Nitrous
        • Outreach (they say its a church theme)
        • Scribble
        • Serenity
        • Venture
        • AgentPress – specialized
      • In the community
        • Clip Art – setup for ecommerce
        • Cre8tive Burst
        • Curtail
        • Driskill
        • Legacy
        • Maximum
        • Optimal
  • Blog centric child themes

    • Characteristics of blog centric child themes
      • Focused on displaying blog posts
      • No static front page OR static front page displays primarily blog posts
      • Looks personal
    • Examples of blog centric child themes
      • At StudioPress
        • Amped
        • Balance
        • Bee Crafty
        • Blissful
        • Education
        • Eleven40
        • Expose
        • Fabric
        • Family Tree
        • Focus
        • Generate
        • Going Green
        • LiveStyle
        • Lexicon
        • Luscious
        • Magazine
        • Mocha
        • News
        • Pixel Happy
        • Platinum
        • Pretty Young Thing
        • Prose
        • Sleek
        • Social Eyes
        • Streamline
        • Tapestry
  • Responsive child themes – suitable for business

    • From Studio Press
      • Agency
    • Community
      • Driskill
      • Optimal
    • Themedy
      • Reactiv

Why Use the Agency Child Theme – Watch the Video

  • Small business orientation

    • Static front page
    • functions without blog functionality
    • looks professional
  • Responsive design

    • Test it using Genesis viewer
    • Test sbywh-final-agency in viewer
    • Test sbywh-final in viewer
  • Customization options

    • header configuration
    • background
    • color choices
    • front page widgetized

Installing the Genesis 2 theme- Watch the Video

  • Fresh install of WordPress

    • Delete Jetpack
  • Download Genesis

    • eJunkie account
    • setup your support forum account
    • Ask me for a demonstration copy
    • Put Genesis in your local file system
    • Download the starter guide
  • Install Genesis

    • Use the admin install settings
    • Upload from local file system
    • Look at the result
  • Tour the Theme Settings

    • Theme Settings
      • Information
      • Default Layout
      • Header “Settings
      • Navigation Settings
      • Breadcrumbs
    • SEO Settings
      • Doctitle
      • Homepage
      • Robots Meta
      • Archives
    • Import/Export
    • Readme

Installing the Agency Child Theme – Watch the Video

  • Download Agency

    • From the forum
    • Add to local file system
  • Install Agency

    • Use admin install
    • Look at the result
  • Tour the Theme Settings

    • Theme Settings
      • adds color
      • removes header
    • SEO Settings
    • Import/Export
    • Readme
  • The use of images in Agency

    • 2 critical image sizes
    • home featured image – 280 x 100
    • slider image – 950 x 300
  • WordPress Reading Settings

    • Ordinarily this looks like a static front page
    • Tempted to create a “homepage” and set it as front page
    • Agency does not rely on Reading Settings for setting up the front page
    • All home page content is placed via widgets
    • Adding content to widgets changes the view

Question and Answer Session – Watch the Video

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2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Milind Padhye August 11, 2013, 3:06 pm

    Hi Rick

    I have shifted to Genesis and using the Scribble theme. I watched your video on changing backgrounds, but could not gather how to get full white background.

    Is there a way to get it?



    • Rick Anderson August 12, 2013, 2:33 pm

      Miliind – unfortunately I’m not familiar with the Scribble child theme for Genesis. Changing things like that in child themes is dependent on the abilities of the child theme. You should probably ask the author of the child theme.