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Lesson 6 – Part 1 – Course Introduction

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Good evening everybody and welcome to Lesson 6 of our Build a Professional Website Using the Genesis theme and WordPress. This is Lesson 6 out of 14 Lessons. Lessons 1 through 5 are already completed in on the site and they take a person from the beginning up to the point at which WordPress is installed on the site. Here in Lesson 6, what we’ll be doing is installing the Genesis theme.

Lesson 6 Course Outline

For the next 9 weeks, every Monday evening we will be learning How to Build a Professional Website using Genesis and WordPress. By taking this course, what you’re going to learn first is how to create a website that is suitable for service professionals using WordPress and the Genesis theme framework.

You’re going to learn all the basics of WordPress including setting up WordPress, installing themes, plugins and widgets and adding content to the site.

You’re also going to learn about all of the basics of using the Genesis theme including installing and configuring the Agency Child Theme. The Agency Child Theme is the child theme that we’ll be using throughout the course of this series.

You’re also going to learn how to use Google to promote your site. That is, we’ll be learning how to make your site Google-friendly, we’ll learn how to feed your content to Google and how to use Google Tools to make the site as effective as possible.

Finally, we’re going to learn how to maintain our site. That is, we’ll learn how to backup and restore the site, how to keep your site up to date and how to upgrade your site.

Creating a Site for Service Professionals

What we’re doing here is creating a site that is suitable for service professionals and I have a modest example of such a site right here. This is the site that we’ll be creating which is located at It is essentially an Architect’s portfolio site so we’ll learn how to customize the Agency themes so that it looks like this rather than as it looks by default. We’ll learn how to set up pages, how to add images and text and how to use plugins and widgets.

Finally, we’ll learn about using the blog in the business website. This is as I said earlier, a 9-week course, we’ll meet once a week, every Monday evening from 5-7pm. It’s going to be in a webinar format which is common to the courses that I teach. We’ll have roughly 90 minutes of presentation with 30 minutes of question and answer period available.

I’m going to go for about an hour then take a 5 minute break about halfway through while I save the video and start up a new session of the video.

How to Participate?

Obviously, you already know how to sign up for the course and how to participate in the live session but that’s only part of the participation. The other part of the participation is participating in the Question and Answer session.

It is my intention that this be an interactive process where you have the opportunity to ask questions that relate to your specific situation. Whether it’s your specific use of Genesis on your site or the Child Theme you happen to be using or anything related to you constructing your own site using Genesis and WordPress.

I hope that this course gives you the opportunity to ask these specific questions that you have about your specific site. Lately, people have been wondering whether or not a question was good enough to ask or post to the forum because they were concerned that it might be too specific and only apply to them but really, that’s what makes this whole thing interesting.

I encourage you to ask questions throughout the course of this lesson that apply specifically to your situation even if they do seem as if they wouldn’t apply to anybody else.

Four Venues of Participating in the Question and Answer Session

We’re going to take questions in four venues. The first is of course in the Q&A Session at the end of each of these sessions. I do intend to stay around answering questions until all the questions are answered. If it goes longer than a couple of hours, I’ll just go longer to make sure that any questions that you have get answered in that session.

As you already know, I also have 3 Scheduled Live Q&A Sessions in midweek. I have Wednesday morning and afternoon and I have Thursday morning scheduled for Live Q&A Sessions and you’re free to participate in those and ask your questions.

If you’re a member of my site, then you can use the forum to post questions about the course. In fact, I just started a new forum under Start Building Your Website Here for this Genesis class. If we come over here to the forum under Start Building Your Website Here, there’s a subforum for Build a Professional Website Using Genesis.

If you’re not a member of the site, I still want to take your questions even if they can’t make on to the forum. What I’d like you to do is go to my Facebook wall and post the questions on my wall. You can find the Facebook wall at, this is our Facebook page and you can just post your question here on the wall and I’ll be glad to answer questions there.

Methods for Asking a Question

We also have a couple of different methods for asking a question. The first one naturally is just written questions where you just type a question. The second one is to use screener to ask questions. Screener is a very easy to use screencast software that I have on the Facebook page. If we come over here to Fan Central on my Facebook page and come over to “Ask Me a Question”, there is a video describing how to use screener and there is the “Record a Screencast” button here.

Ask Your Question Via Screener

If you’re a member of the site and you just hover over my dashboard, you’ll see this place that says, “Ask Your Question via Screener”. There is a video giving you directions on how to use the screener and a button for you to start a recording.

I encourage you to use screener, it’s a very easy way to explain a complicated question, to show your settings or in one way or another make it clear what you might have difficulty describing in writing. That’s the other method of asking a question.

I also have practice files that if you need them, you can ask me for. For the purpose of this class, I will be glad to give you a copy of Genesis 1.8 and the Agency Child Theme. Now, because these things are GPL, it is in compliance with the GPL license to be able to release them to you.

I’m not doing that so that you don’t have to buy it, I’m doing it for you to practice, to test and see whether or not you are interested in using Genesis. To the extent that you choose to use it, I would ask you to go over to their site and buy it as well.

In any case, if you’d like a copy of the practice files, simply send me an email and I’ll shoot you over a copy of Genesis and a copy of Agency to use on your own site for this class.

Who is this Class For?

This class is primarily for beginners. We’re going to discuss all of the basics of creating this type of site in WordPress and Genesis. Intermediate WordPress users are going to find they know most of this information. If you’re already comfortable using WordPress, you can take a look at the course outline and see which sessions are focused on using WordPress as opposed to Genesis.

There are some sessions that are going to be very focused on configuring and setting up Genesis and Agency and some that are going to be dealing with the very basics of adding content to a site, adding plugins and widgets. Intermediate users probably know how to do those things.

Why am I Teaching this Class?

I’m teaching this class because I love teaching people how to build their own websites. WordPress was the one thing that helped me save my Architecture business back in 2007 when the bottom dropped out of the market and all my clients stop building.

I learned through the process of creating my own website using WordPress, the importance of that for a small business person and the power of that for gaining new work. In the process of doing that, I learned that it was something that I could teach other people on how to do it as well.

What Can You Do for Me?

The most important thing you can do for me is just simply ask questions. I really want this to be an interactive course and I know that people are embarrassed to ask questions or they’re afraid to look dumb when they ask a question but I encourage you please to ask any and all questions that you may have about creating your site using WordPress and Genesis. That’s the most important thing you can do for me.

If you’re getting value out of this course, I encourage you to pass it on. It’s important to me that if you use social media you +1 this, like this or tell your friends or colleagues about this class.

This site is built primarily on word of mouth and on Google searches and these kinds of things can really help us. If you get a benefit out of it, please +1 the class, +1 the lesson, like the lesson or in way or another share it with your friends.

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