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Lesson 6 – Part 3 – Why Use Genesis for a Small Business Website?

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There are number of reasons to use the Genesis theme as a small business website, one is that there is a huge choice of Child Themes. Officially there may be something short of 40 but in the big world out there, there’s over a hundred Child Themes that you might use.

Child Themes for Genesis

If we just come back over here to StudioPress and look at their themes, this is the list of Child Themes that are available for adding on to the Genesis theme. That’s a pretty significant number of different styles or different flavors of using Genesis.

These are the StudioPress Themes but you also have the StudioPress Community that has also created a whole bunch of different Child Themes for Genesis that can be added to it. If you just search for Genesis Child Theme, you’ll find that there are sites out there with many more. There really are just a ton of different Child themes that you can use with Genesis to create your website.

Genesis Community Forum

Secondly, there’s really a massive support system. Genesis has a huge community forum. Come over to the forum for just a moment, there are 32,141 threads and general discussions, 59,054 threads in Theme Support and so on and so forth.

There just are thousands and thousands of threads and there are a large number of competent, volunteer and paid staff that answer questions here on the Genesis forum.

There is a ton of expert help for you out there when you’re developing your site with the Genesis theme . Also, Genesis and plugin authors have created a whole bunch of theme specific plugins and we can see those over on the WordPress repository.

Commercial Plugins at StudioPress

There are a couple of commercial plugins as well over at StudioPress but if you just go to the WordPress plugin repository and search for Genesis, they’ve got like 113 plugins that are listed in here.

Maybe they’re not all plugins specifically for Genesis but there are an awful lot of plugins in here specifically for Genesis that allow you to extend Genesis, modify it or customize in some way and some of these plugins we’ll be using in the course of this series.

Genesis Modern Theme Features

Finally, Genesis has all the modern theme features that people working in WordPress have come to expect, that is Genesis has all of the SEO settings that you would need to use. Genesis has easy ways of configuring some of the extras like Google analytics and other kinds of scripts that you can easily add into it.

It has good set of settings for you to configure and these are all the kinds of things you have to expect in a modern WordPress theme and Genesis has them all. This is a good choice for creating a small business website.

The other thing that it does is that it also includes and is kept up to date with the latest advances in WordPress. If you’re a Thesis user, you may have noticed over the last couple of years that Thesis has been slow to adopt some of the new more compelling elements of WordPress and Genesis has not been that way. Genesis stayed on top of WordPress developments and implements all of the new elements of WordPress.

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