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Lesson 6 – Part 6 – Why Use the Agency Child Theme

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The next thing we’re going to do is talk about why we’re using the Agency Child Theme with the Genesis theme in this series on building a business/professional website.

Why Do We Use the Agency Child Theme?

The first reason is because it has a small business orientation, that is it has a static front page design that is not dependent upon blog posts, it functions just fine without any blog functionality whatsoever so it works just the way you would expect it to work.

They also have an ability for Agency to hook up to WooCommerce, it’s one of the reasons why we’re using it here. In terms of its business orientation, it’s a nice clean professional looking theme and it functions the way you would expect a business theme to function.

The second thing is that it’s responsive and as I’ve already demonstrated, we can take a look at the Agency Theme in this demo here or you can look at it on your own phone or iPad. The Agency Theme does in fact respond to the various browser windows and fortunately, my customized version responds to the various browser window widths.

Comparing the Enterprise Theme to the Agency Theme

The Enterprise Theme is the very first Genesis theme site that I built as an experiment just to see how it would all come together. I wanted to make something that was analogous to the class that I taught on Building a Professional Website Using Thesis and I like the simple way this Enterprise Child Theme looked so I used this as the basis for creating it.

However, there’s no really good way to change the appearance of the Enterprise Theme and there’s no simple way to change significant colors or significant elements of the theme. Whereas if you look at the site I’ve created side by side with the Agency Theme, and you recognize it as having come from the Agency Theme but it doesn’t on the surface look like it was built with the Agency Theme.

Customization Options for Agency Child Theme

There are some easy ways to customize the Agency child theme and those are with background colors, background images and the layout of content. These changes allow you to make something different so that your site is distinctive and unique even though it is still built off of the Agency Theme.

You have various ways in which you can configure the header. You have a fairly flexible system for customizing the background images and background color. All of these things are actually just widgetized areas so you can put just about anything in them. I happened to like the way the attention boxes, the title, image, paragraph and link look on the Home page and it could be because that’s what we did on the Thesis site as well.

This was the demonstration for the Thesis course that I taught. It has very significant, similar elements to it and I like this kind of configuration so I want to keep on using that. What we ended up with are these little attention boxes but you wouldn’t actually have to do that. You can put just about anything in these widget areas so you can really customize the way this looks. That’s why we’re using the Agency Child Theme.

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