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Lesson 7 – Part 2 – The Importance of Good Site Organization

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The next thing we’re going to talk about is site organization and the importance of good site organization for a business/professional website. When people think about the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization good site organization should be at the top of the list.

Importance of Good Site Organization

That’s really the first thing that has to be considered when you are optimizing your Genesis theme site for search engines to find you and for people to find you when they search.

It’s important that we start with a good basic understanding of clear site organization. What we’re going to do here is to start off by looking at the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

You can find that starter guide by googling Search Optimization Starter Guide or you can use the lesson resources link to download it. In any case, it’s an important tool to use because this is what Google is telling you to do in order for them to index you properly and to serve your results in a regular search.

Improving Site Structure

When you look at this, you’ll see that they’ve got this list of things that they’re going to talk about but right there in the second main topic, what they have is improving site structure. By improving site structure, what they mean is they want to improve the structure of your URL and they want to make sure that your site is easier to navigate.

We’re going to scroll down to that section here. We’re going to talk about more parts of this later. But in terms of where we start with organizing our site, we want to start here by understanding why it’s important from an SEO standpoint.

Simple to Understand URLs

What’s critical to understand is that simple to understand URLs will convey content information easily. For example, this site here, east-side-craftsman-home-project, this is my URL and because of the site architecture, it gives the name of the website.

You could think of this maybe as rick-anderson-architects/finished-projects/east-side-craftsman-home, right? This the URL and that is an easily understood URL. You’ll understand the content of that URL by simply looking at it and know that you’re going to look at the Craftsman Home in the East Side of Seattle area that was designed by me.

One of the reasons why it’s important to convey that information is because that information is returned in the search result. For example, if you have a search result as they’re showing down here, the search result has the name of the website and it has the URL.

The rest of the path that shows up here which can help you determine whether or not the content of that page is going to be useful to you. Or more to the point, that it can help both Google and people who are searching for your content to find it and to make a value judgement when they look at the search results, that this might be worth clicking on and taking a look at.

Make Your Site Easier to Navigate

The other issue is that good site organization makes your Genesis theme site easier to navigate. Making your site easy to navigate is important for both search engines and for your users and this is why a site should be well-organized.

A site should be well organized because it helps prospective customers find what they’re looking for. It makes your site easier to navigate, your listing in search results is more easily read and Google understands your site better. Which is why we started with the whole SEO issue at the very beginning.

It’s really the critical rationale for having a decent site organization. If you don’t care about Google finding your stuff and you don’t care that your customers find your content easily, then you don’t really have to care about site organization. Site organization only matters in this context.

How Should Your Genesis Theme Site Be Organized?

What you want to do is develop a very simple hierarchy. You saw an illustration about hierarchy here, they’re showing this as if there are sub directories but we’re going to think of these things as pages where you’ve got your Home page and you’ve got price guide. They’ve got price guides from 1900-1949, 1950-1999, 2000 to present, this is a hierarchical site structure.That’s what you want to do in this case too.

You want to develop a very simple hierarchy, that needs to look like a main page with some sub pages and those sub pages may have sub sub pages. You  only want 3-8 main top level pages especially on a site like we’re talking about.

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