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Lesson 4 – Part 3 – Download Files from your Domain

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Download Files from your Domain

Welcome back to Part 3 of Lesson 4 of the Start Building Your Website Here Tutorial Series. In this part of the lesson, we will connect to the file structure on your web server and download files from your remote server to your local machine. So we run FileZilla and go to “file” to the upper left hand corner, select “Site Manager”. Now we will select the site that we setup, which in my case is “tailor” and hit connect. See if it says “Directory listing successful”. Go over to the right hand side and select  public_html. Under public_html, we are going to open up wp-content.  We will be downloading some of the files in wp-content to our local machine.
As you see here on the left hand side of FileZilla, here is our local machine. From here navigate to the place where we setup the local file structure, which in this case is (name of folder)>>My Business Website.  Now we’re going to open up “WordPress” and then select wp-content. So now on the left are the folders plugins and themes that reside on our computer.  On the right are the corresponding folders; plugins and themes, on our web server.
Our ultimate goal is to coordinate or synchronize both file structure so that they’re always the same. So when we make changes to this one (local file structure), we can automatically upload it over here (domain file structure) without having to check to make sure that we are uploading the right files to the right place. We will start this process by taking what’s already been installed on our webs erver and downloading it back to our computer.  However, once we’re finished with that most of the file transfer will be “uploading” and will be in this direction (local file structure to remote file structure). The first thing we’ll do is we’ll select this index.php, right click on that and select download. Now you can see that index.php has been downloaded here.

Next we’ll select plugins, right click and download and you see a bunch of files down here being downloaded. Now let’s open up the plugins folder here in our local file structure, you can see that it has stuff in it that wasn’t here before. Let’s go back up one level and do the same for the themes folder. Select themes, right click and choose download. You can see at the bottom how many files were successfully transferred. Now if you double click on themes (local file structure) you’ll see both themes here has been transferred to our computer. We’ll be adding more themes to this in the future lessons.

That concludes Part 3 of lesson 4. In the fourth and final part of  the lesson, we will learn how to synchronize the file structure so that files are automatically loaded into the right folders.

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