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Lesson 5 – Installing & Using WordPress Themes

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In this video tutorial lesson we will learn how to install and use WordPress themes. We will be using themes to customize the overall look, feel and functionality of our new WordPress business website. There are over a thousand free schemes to choose from at Fortunately you can easily preview these to see how they’ll look on your site.

First we’ll be downloading and installing a free WordPress Theme. We’ll get it organized in the correct file structure and work with FileZilla to upload the theme to our site. Next we’ll activate our new WordPress theme. Themes can be activated and deactivated very easily and we’ll explore the customization options available once the theme is activated.

While there are lots of free WordPress themes, after this lesson we focus on completing a Professional Business website using the premium Thesis 2 Theme and the Genesis 2 Theme. If you aren’t sure which theme you want to build your site with, we recommend watching our seminar How to Choose Between Thesis 2 and Genesis 2 for Building Your Website. If you know which theme you want to work with, select one of the links below to continue customizing your site.

In this lesson you will learn to:

    1. Find free WordPress Themes – Watch the Video

      • Start at
      • Preview Any Theme Available
      • Search for different styles
    2. Download and install a free theme – Watch the Video

      • Download free WordPress Themes
      • Look at the support available
      • Upload the new theme to our site
    3. Switch between Themes -Watch the Video

      • Find the available themes using the dashboard
      • Activate
      • Preview the customization options

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