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Configuring your Website with InMotion Hosting

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This video tutorial lesson series parallels the first 5 lessons of our Start Building Your Website Here course. The original series uses BlueHost as a hosting company. This tutorial series uses InMotion Hosting to set up a website instead.  If you’ve chosen to host with InMotion Hosting please follow these 5 lessons and then pick up at Phase 2, lesson 6 of the Start Building Your Website Here course using either the Thesis 2 theme or Genesis 2 theme for WordPress.  The entire series consists of 70 self paced videos that take you step by step through each part of the process. You’ll need no prior knowledge of website building.  We only assume that you can use a web browser and a word processor.

Lessons 1 – 5 for BlueHost

Lessons 1 – 5 for HostGator

Before you begin

  1. Selecting a domain name
  2. Selecting a hosting provider

Lesson 1 – Tour Your InMotion Hosting Account

  1. Register a domain name and sign up for a hosting account
  2. Take a tour of the host’s control panel

Lesson 2 – Set up and Configure Email

  1. Set up your primary email account
  2. Configure Outlook to receive mail from your primary account
  3. Configure Gmail to receive mail from your primary account
  4. Set up additional email accounts

Lesson 3 – Install WordPress on your Site

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Initial WordPress Configuration
  3. How to log in without a login button
  4. Changing the appearance of your site with themes
  5. Exploring the file system

Lesson 4 – Set up your FTP System

  1. Download and install FileZilla
  2. Configure FileZilla to connect to your website
  3. Download customization section from your website
  4. Configure FileZilla to synchronize with your website

Lesson 5 – Installing and Using Themes

  1. Free WordPress Themes
  2. Download and install free theme
  3. Switch Themes

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