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Lesson 5 – Part 2 – Download & Install a Free WordPress Theme

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Downloading and Installing a Free WordPress Theme

Welcome back to Part 2 of lesson 5 of the How to Build a Website Tutorial series. In this part of the lesson, we are going to download a specific theme and install it on our website. So let’s go back to and go to “extend home” then to themes and then we are going to search for “Suffusion” theme. Click Search. Suffusion pops up here.

Suffusion is a popular and well maintained theme with a power packed set of options. It’s well supported in browsers and is very customizable so it’s the one that we’re going to download. You can go over here to the “theme homepage” and take a look at an example of Suffusion.

This is an example of Suffusion being used in a particular color format and you can see here the representation of the different ways Suffusion can be formatted and the different color schemes that can be applied to it. There is also a decent description of its features. So one of the things that you can find on this website is support for this theme and I wanted to show you that. Most free themes don’t have anywhere near the support that Suffusion offers.

If you click on the forum button here, it takes you over to the forum where you can look for answers to questions that you may have or request support. It’s a good place to search if you’ve got a problem that you can’t find a solution for. It’s remarkable how much support the theme author gives away for free.

So let’s go back now and click the download button and we are going to save this, in this case, remember the folder system that we set up in the previous lesson. We are going to save this under My Business Website/WordPress/Downloads then hit “Save” then we’ll open the folder that we saved it in.

So now right click on the zip folder, select “extract all”. It will ask you for a destination. Simply delete the last name and hit “extract” and it will be extracted right here in the same folder. So let’s open up the “suffusion” folder. You can see all the different files that make up this theme. Go back up a level, select the “suffusion” folder, right click and select “cut”. Now go back to WordPress. We were just in the “Downloads” folder now we’re gonna go to the wp-content/themes folder. Open the folder, right click and select “paste” and you can see that Suffusion has been pasted in here with all of the requisite files.

Now we’re going to synchronize our local files with our web server. So let’s open up FileZilla. Go over to File then Site Manager. Select the site that we setup earlier. Select Connect and now you have connected. Remember that we’ve got this synchronized and now wp-content in your remote site is synchronized with the wp-content in your local machine.

So if you go and open up “themes”, you’ll see Suffusion is there. Right click on suffusion and select “upload”. It may take a while for us to upload everything because Suffusion has quite a few files.

Ok, now we’ve just completed uploading all of the files. You can see that we have successfully transferred 245 files. If you click over and look at Suffusion, you’ll see that all of these folders and files have been uploaded and Filezilla did its job.

This brings us to the end of the second part of Lesson 5. In the next part of this lesson we will activate the Suffusion theme and practice switching between the themes.

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