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Build a Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2.3

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What are you going to learn in this course? Well, you’re going to learn how to create a website that is suitable for service professionals using WordPress 4.7 and Thesis 2.3 theme. We’ll also be using the Agility 3.2 skin and a lots of other tools.

Learn WordPress Basics

You are going to learn all the basics of using WordPress.

  • Setup WordPress
  • Install Themes, Plugins and Widgets
  • Add Content
  • SEO – On Page, Structural and Schema

That means setting up WordPress, installing themes, plugins and widgets and adding content. You’re going to learn all the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We’ll work on On Page SEO, Structural SEO and Schema.

Learn Thesis Theme 2.3 Basics

You’re going to learn all of the basics of using Thesis 2.3 including installing skins and boxes as well as configuring skins using the Thesis 2.3 options. And while I don’t really consider the Thesis Skin Editor to be a beginners topic, you’re going to get an introduction to the editor.

Additional Tools

You’re also going to learn all the basics of using the Agility 3.2 Skin for Thesis 2.

Agility 3.2 Skin

It is the Skin that I created specifically to help small business owners build their own website. So, you’re going to learn how to customize the header and footer, how to layout the front page and how to style the entire site using Skin Design options.

Use Google to Promote Your Site

You’re also going to learn how to use Google how to promote your site. We’re going to start off by making your site Google friendly then I’m going to show you how to feed your content to Google and also how to use Google’s tools.

Learn How to Maintain Your Site

  • Backup and Restore
  • Keep Site Up to Date
  • Upgrade Your Site
  • Keep Your Site Secure

And last, but not least, you’re going to learn how to maintain your site. You’re going to learn how to backup and restore your site, how to keep your site up to date, how to upgrade your site and how to keep your site secure.

Build An Effective Small Business Website

This is obviously not just a course about how to build a WordPress website or how about to build a WordPress blog. This is a course that’s intended to cover all the primary bases of building a small and effective small business website. That includes using WordPress and also other things that you need to anticipate and keep in mind as you build your website.

Example Service Professional Site

We have an example project. This project is suitable for service professional like architects, engineers and coaches. It’s based on my former profession and can be found at Years ago now, I was a registered Architect in Washington state and that was my first profession. Although since 2010, I’ve been teaching small business owners how to build their own websites using WordPress.

This is the exact site that we’re going to create using the tools that I’ve described. You can come over here and take a look at it and see what kinds of things we’re going to cover. And by the time we’re finished with this course you’ll be able to create a site like this where you can add maps, have contact forms, calls to action, etc. You’ll be able to insert pictures and put in photo galleries.

Who Is the Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the nuts and bolts of setting up a site like this demonstration site using WordPress.


This class is focused on beginners. So, if you don’t know anything about WordPress, that’s okay. This class starts off with you already having installed WordPress and Thesis. I assume that most people have already taken that step.

However, if you’re such a beginner that you haven’t even gotten into that part yet you can begin at lessons one to six which are already on the site. These lessons are available to free members as well.

Anyone Needing a WordPress Refresher

This class is also appropriate for people who learned WordPress a couple of years a go but need a refresher. I’ve been teaching this class since 2010, so six years. And if that was the last time you took the class, then this is a perfect time for you to take it again and brush up on your WordPress skills.

WordPress has changed an awful lot even in the last three years. So while this course is focused on beginners it’s also appropriate for people who learned WordPress a couple years ago but need a refresher.

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