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Lesson 6 – Install Thesis 2.2 and Choose a Skin

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This video tutorial lesson describes the type of small business website we will be creating throughout the rest of this course.  We explain the benefits of choosing Thesis 2.2 to create our small business website. Skins are an important aspect of Thesis 2.2 so we discuss what skins are and how they work in Thesis.  We’ll also discuss the various sources of skins that are available

The rest of this lesson involves installing and configuring Thesis 2.2, it’s skins and boxes. First we show you how to install Thesis 2 and setup the Thesis Classic Responsive Skin.   Then we demonstrate how to install and configure the Thesis Footer Widgets Box.  Finally we show you how to install additional skins by installing the BYOB Agility Free Skin.

The Type of Site We are Creating

Why Use Thesis 2.2 for a Small Business Website?

Understanding Thesis 2 and Skin

Types of Thesis 2.2 skins

Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – DIY Themes

Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – BYOBWebsite

Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – other skin designers

Installing Thesis 2.2

Setup the Thesis Classic Responsive Skin

Install the Thesis Footer Widgets Box

Installing the BYOB Agility Free skin

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