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Agility Featured Content Box

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We are adding style and content to the home page in this lesson of our Build a Professional Services website with WordPress and Thesis. We just showed how to use the Call to Action box and now we are going to look at these Featured Content Boxes.

Right now on the front page it’s just showing a couple of random ones. But we are going to change that and set the ones we want to use.

What Does a Featured Content Box Display?

A Featured Content Box displays one post or page. And in that post or page it displays a featured image, the page title, an excerpt and a read more button.

Featured Content Options

Let’s come over to Skin Content and down to our Featured Content area. Again, we have the same column choices as we did in the Call to Action box. It’s 1 to 4 columns with all these configurations.

And we can have different things in each one of them. They don’t all have to be icon content boxes or featured content boxes. They could all be widget areas or they could all be calls to action or they can be a mix of any of them.

Add a Section Heading

But we are going to have them each be featured content. Again, this is not the sort of thing where you put an overlay element but this is the place where adding a section heading makes some sense. An architect might put something here about “explore our services and completed projects”. Let’s do that. And let’s save that.

Choose Page/Post to be Displayed

And then we have to go back to Skin Content and open up each one of these columns and determine which page or post is going to be displayed. That is your choice here, either posts or pages. Custom CSS and change sets shouldn’t be showing here. I need to make a modification to the skin so that you don’t see them as choices because your choice is pages and posts.

We are going to use pages. The first one is Finished Projects and then Services We Provide and then What Our Customers Say About Us. Those will be our three feature boxes.

The first one is going to be Seattle Area Finished projects, that’s where it is. And you can change the Read More to “See Our Finished Projects”.

And then the next one was Services and then Testimonials. Come down here to the second one and it’s Services. Architectural Services We Provide in the Seattle Area. So that’s fine and Learn More About Our Services.

And then finally, the third one. Again, we are choosing pages and now we want our Testimonials. What Clients Say About Rick Anderson Architects. And then Read Some Testimonials.

Now when we reload this you can see we’ve got Explore Our Services, Completed Projects and here’s our Finished Projects page. If we click on the link it takes us over to that page. That’s what a Featured Content box does. It displays part of the content of a page and when you click on it, it takes you to that page.

So it’s not something that just sits on it’s own. This takes the content from the page. If you go to the page again, here’s the featured image, right? Actually, I believe our excerpt might be individually crafted. Let’s go take a look at that for a moment. No. There’s no custom excerpt it’s just taking text from the page and putting that in the excerpt.

How to Change the Excerpt

If you wanted more control over the excerpt what you would do is use that custom excerpt box and write the excerpt in here and it would display that here. In that each one of these it works the same way.

Again, the Featured Content box displays a single post or page. That is an individual post or page that you select and it displays its featured image, it’s title, an excerpt and a learn more button.

Icon Content Box

The Icon Content box is very similar to the Featured Content box except it chooses the featured icon instead of the featured image. Let’s come back over here and edit our page. The featured icon can be set here. It’s set on each individual page so if you want to use a featured icon for that then you would put the page icon there.

If you want to learn more about it, just look at the videos on setting up Agility and the ones describing how to use the Icon Content box.

That actually has our front page pretty well set up. The front page is not styled yet but it is laid out.

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