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Style the Footer Using Skin Design Options

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The last thing to set up on the home page of our professional services WordPress website is our Footer.

Apply Background Colors

We want our footer to be dark and darker not light and dark. So we can come back over to our top footer area background. Show the background color and we’re going to choose canonical red for that one.

Then for the bottom footer we’re going to choose dark primary. And save those and reload them. There we go. That’s the color we want there.

Backup the Site

We’ve got a little bit of styling to do on the front page here yet but we’ve gotten most of things set up and most of the styles set up. So now we’re going to do what every good designer does at the end of their work day. They come on over to their backup and they click backup. We’re going to do a complete backup again.

Backing Up Skin Data

And then there’s one other thing I want to show you in terms of backing up and that is backing up your Skin Data. You didn’t have any skin data backup before this so it didn’t make any difference but now we do.

Come over to the Skin Editor. And this is the only thing you are going to do in the Skin Editor as a beginner. Go to the Skin Editor and go to Data Manager and click “Create new backup”. And this is going to be “After front page layout”.

How Often to Backup

Now this is something that you should do at least once a day as you are doing your design work. Maybe a couple times a day because maybe you decide after working for a couple hours that you don’t like what you did and you want to go back to where you were at the beginning of the day.

That’s why you back this up regularly, because this will allow you to instantly go back to where you were at this point. Not in 5 minutes. Not with a bunch of rigamarole. All you have to do is click that button and it’s done instantly. So it takes no time whatsoever to go to your data manager and create a new backup.

But if you don’t do that and you want to get back to some place where you were you’re lost, you’ve got to back and do it manually.

Now I know that almost everyone will ignore this. I know people who have been with me for years who sit in on these conversations and when I tell them to backup they say “yep”. Then when they say how do I get back to this state because I messed everything up, what should I do? I say well, why don’t you just restore from that backup you made before you started today. Then I’ll hear “I know I’m supposed to be doing that but I don’t do that”.

Don’t be one of those people because really it takes no time and it only takes you thinking about it or getting into a routine of doing it. And it’s a fundamental skill set if you are going to do anything but waste your time on a website.

If your time has no value and it doesn’t matter what you lose then none of this really matters. But if your time has any value at all, I encourage you please spend 30 seconds to save yourself hours of work. And spend that 30 seconds every single time you do development work on your website. Maybe not every time you post something but every time you do actual development work.

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