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How to Upgrade Agility 3.2

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We just finished upgrading Thesis to 2.2 so now let’s do an upgrade of the Agility Skin. Go to Thesis and Manage Skins. This site is ready for a skin update to 3.2. But you should always make sure you update inactive skins too. We’ve got Classic Response that we aren’t using but we still want to make sure that you update it as well.

Create Skin Backup

So, how do you upgrade Agility? If you’ve got an Agility notice like this the best way to update is to go to your skin editor, data manager and create a new backup. That’s the first thing you are going to do prior to an upgrade.

Update the Skin

Come back over to the Thesis home. Back to one skin update available and click Update B.Y.O.B. Agility nude and say okay.

Return to Thesis. And then what I like to do is go back over to Skin Design and save skin design once.

Update Skin CSS for an Upgrade to 3.2

And then because this is a big upgrade from 3.0 to 3.2, I’m going to come back over to the skin editor and Data Manager and I’m going to restore defaults. But I’m only restoring Skin CSS to defaults. I’m not restoring default boxes, templates, variables, editor CSS, design options, display options or packages. The only thing I’m updating is Skin CSS, that’s what I’m restoring to default.

I’m doing that because there are big changes to Skin CSS between Agility 3.0 and Agility 3.2. And since there’s a big change there I want to make sure that Skin CSS gets the benefit of that change so I’m going to restore selected defaults.

Let’s come over here and view the site. And it looks fine. The process went the way it was supposed to and the site looks exactly the way it’s supposed to look with everything up to date. And that’s how you upgrade Agility.

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2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Derek April 5, 2017, 7:38 pm

    Hi Rick, How difficult is it to convert a BYOB Carta site to Agility 3.2 and do you plan to do any videos on conversion please?

    • Rick Anderson April 9, 2017, 3:26 pm

      Derek, they are so different that you wouldn’t want to change until you were ready for a redesign. At which point you could work on the redesign in Agility in Development mode while continuing to show the rest of the world the original Carta design.

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