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How to Upgrade WordPress Plugins

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The next thing in this Essential Website Administrative Tasks lesson we’re going to talk about is upgrading plugins. Plugins are very simple to upgrade. I’m going to go through the process and upgrade some plugins on byobwebsite.

Backup Your Site Before Upgrading

Whenever I upgrade plugins and the website especially with big plugins like WishList Member, I do a backup. You can see I have 4 updates. I have update for Akismet, FE flowplayer and WishList Member.

I don’t think this is actually an update because I think this is just a glitch in my system. But the rest of these are actual updates that I need to take care of. As I said, before I update I backup. I don’t use BackupBuddy for BYOBwebsite because it’s hosted on WP Engine which already has a good backup system.

I’ll just do a manual backup and then I just come over to my backup points. And backup now. I’ll give it a name, “prior to upgrade”. You can see I’ve typed that so many times it just comes right up. It’s a big site so it can take a little bit of time. Let’s go over to my email and see if we have something yet. It doesn’t usually take that long even if it’s a big site.

There it is already. The checkpoints are completed. It only took ten seconds to do the database and 19 seconds to do the file system. So, my checkpoint is good. Bear in mind that this system is an incremental system so that checkpoint’s not not backing the entire site up. It’s just backing up to where it was from the last time. When I go to restore, it restores the whole thing but doesn’t have to back up the whole thing every time.

Upgrade Big Plugins Individually

Let’s go back to Plugins. The first thing I’ll do is WishList Member and I’ll do it alone. WishList Member is a big plugin. I usually do big plugins like this, plugins that I’ve known to fail in the past, individually.

I’m just going to say, no thanks I did already do a restore. If your site’s mission critical, make sure you always backup before you do this. Sometimes there are little tiny plugins that don’t really matter but still if they crash in the middle of it your site goes down as told a pain in the butt.

Upgrading Multiple Plugins Together

I’ve got four more plugins to update available now. For the rest of these I’m going to do them all together in bulk. And update, apply. I can say No thanks, I already did this to this backup message. So this is showing you the process of the updating.

When You Should Upgrade

You need to be in the habit of updating your plugins every time you log in to your site. We’re going to talk about site security in a few minutes but the number one cause of security breaches is hacked plugins.

Oh interesting. Plugin update failed. Let’s go back to installed plugins here. It’s showing it’s got the new version but we can double check it though by going running a video just to make sure it actually plays. It’s playing just fine. Anyway that’s working.

I’ve backed everything up. And I’ve done my upgrade on everything and everything’s fine. That’s how you update plugins.

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