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How to Upgrade Thesis 2.2

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We’ve talked about how to upgrade WordPress plugins and next we’re going to go over how to upgrade Thesis 2. I’ve got an example of a Thesis 2 site that needs to be upgraded to 2.2.

Backup Your Site

Just like we talked when upgrading plugins, you always want to make sure you have a current backup of your site before you update it. This site’s on WP Engine and it’s already been backed up today so I’m not going to do that again. Actually, let’s look to see if there are other updates that need to be done. Yes, we do.

So we’re going to go back to WP Engine and back this site up again. Go back to our installs. And that would be skins and back up points. Back it up now. So let’s see. This is it here, Thesis skin development.

Backup the Skin

I’m going to back up Thesis first. The very first thing I’m going to do actually is come over to the skin editor. And before I backup Thesis I’m going to go to the data manager and create a new backup. I’m going to say “before Thesis upgrade”.

I want a copy of the skin in this condition just in case all hell breaks loose. And, in fact, I’m going to download a copy of it to my computer which is just export. This is so that if all hell breaks loose I have a copy of these skin settings that I can import into a clean version of Agility and recover my design. So you can see it’s down there and now it’s done.

Update Thesis to Latest Version

Then I’m going to come to Thesis home. And I’m going to click this “Thesis is available update now”. And actually is available. So I’ve updated it. I’m returning to Thesis.

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