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Configure Google Search Console

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Now that we have created a sitemap for our business WordPress website using Yoast SEO, we are going to go to the Google Search Console. We are going to do a google search here for the console. It’s this first one, so I’ll click on that.

Since I’m already setup it takes me to the page you see here. If this is the first time you are going to the search console, you will go to a page where you can set it up.

Use Google Analytics Account to Verify Ownership

I’m going to login and add another property and that property is a website. It’s this one here,, hit add. It recommends that we use the Google Analytics account to verify it. So we will. Now we’ve verified the ownership of our site.

Add a Sitemap

And there no data available to us and there’s also no sitemap which is what we are going to set up now. So we’re going to click on that and it gives us a chance to add or test a sitemap. We’re going to click test. Now come over here and grab that URL of the sitemap. We don’t want the whole URL, we just want sitemap_index.xml. And I’m going to copy that.

Hit test and the test is complete. Let’s review the test result. There are no errors found. We’ve got a sitemap there so we can close the test.

We still haven’t added the sitemap so now we click that again and paste the URL again and hit submit.

We can refresh the page and now we see that the sitemap has been submitted and submission is pending and indexing is pending. But the console sees it there and it knows that there are no errors in it. And we have now added our sitemap to the Google Search Console.

Next we are going to take a tour of the Google Search Console.

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