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Create a Google Account

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Good afternoon everybody and welcome to lesson 13 of our class in How to Build a Professional Website using WordPress and Thesis 2.3. In this lesson we will be focusing our attention on coordinating our business website with Google.

Why You Need a Gmail Account

That really starts off by having a Gmail account. It’s absolutely essential for a website owner to have a Gmail account if for no other reason than you use it to be able to access Google’s tools. Today we are going to encounter four different tools that require you to have a Gmail account in order to access them.

Four Google Tools for a Business Website

Those four Google tools are the API key for the Google Invisible Recaptcha plugin, the API key for Google maps, the Google Analytics account and the Google Search Console account. All of those things require first that you have a Gmail account.

How to Create a Gmail Account

I already have one so if I search here for gmail it will just take me to my account. But if you just go to you can sign up from there. Let’s go over there and I’ll go through how you set it up.

You start off by creating an account. You fill this information out and once you have filled that out you have the gmail account. That’s where all of this starts. I don’t need any more gmail accounts so I’m not actually going to go through this. But it is that simple and it is essential for every website owner to have this.

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