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Create a Sitemap

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Next in this lesson on Integrating your business WordPress site with Google we are going to create a sitemap. We are going to do that over here in this Professional Services site we’re creating.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin

First we need to install the Yoast SEO plugin. So let’s install it and activate it. I’m going to do a real quick configuration on it. Go to lesson 8, How to Add Content to Your Site, for the video where I go into detail on installing and configuring Yoast SEO if you’d like additional information.

Again, we are just doing a very quick configure today. We’ll call it a small business site, it’s a company, add the company name. We’re not going to worry about social profiles here so we’re just going to hit next.

Set Visibility

Then posts should be visible, pages should be visible, media should be hidden. Post type gallery should be hidden, post type album should be hidden and gallery tags should be hidden. Hit next.

Add Authorization Code

We have no multiple authors so now we can get the Google Authorization Code. It’s going to ask for the gmail address I’m using for this. I’m going to use that one and I’m going to allow. Now it says please copy this and past it there. Here’s the authorization code. Let’s authenticate it.

We need to choose a profile. This is the one that we really care about and hit next. Website name, that’s fine. Hit next and we’re done so hit close. That’s a quick setup of it.

Dashboard Settings

Now what we are going to do is going down to the dashboard on it. Let’s start at General. Okay, that’s fine. In Features we’re going to enable advanced settings. Save the changes.

XML Sitemap Settings

Now we can go down to XML sitemaps and it’s enabled. Go to post types and posts and pages are in the sitemap. Media is not, gallery is not, albums are not, gallery tags are not. So that’s fine. We don’t have any excluded posts at the moment.

In terms of taxonomies we don’t want that in the sitemap. We don’t format and we don’t want tags. But we can leave categories in the sitemap. We don’t want these in the sitemap because we don’t want to create multiple URLs to the same post or page. We are only using categories, posts and pages in this situation.

Now we’ve saved it so let’s we come back over to General and we can find our sitemap here. And there it is. There’s our sitemap and if we click on one of them you can see each of the different entries.

The next thing we are going to do is setup the Google Search Console and the first thing you want to do in search console is set up a sitemap.

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