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Tour Google Analytics

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We just signed up for and configured Google Analytics. So now let’s take a look at what at you can find in analytics for your business website.

You can see it shows one active user right now so it’s already reading our site. And you can get real time traffic reports and you can see me on it. At this point it doesn’t do you much good because it’s a new WordPress website.

To show you the kind of information you can gather let’s go to my Start Building Your Website Here account and we’ll take a look at that one instead. You can see if anybody is on your website when you are in analytics.

Audience Overview

We don’t really need real time data here at the moment so let’s just look at our audience overview.

Page Views

This week there were 14,032 sessions with 1,073 users. 3,489 pages views which resulted in 2.44 page views per session. 31% of or almost 32% we’re returning visitors where the rest were new visitors. My bounce rate rate was 68%.


We can also see the countries. Most of my traffic comes from the US but then a bunch comes from other places. Come down here to behavior and “new vs returning”. So this is all users. You could add a segment like “organic traffic” to it.

This here is the organic traffic and there were 871 sessions from organic traffic. 86% of those were new sessions. 752 new users. Obviously the bounce rate for organic traffic is higher than the bounce rate of total users. This is the kind of information that you can see.

You can also tell that 90% of all of our traffic comes on the desktop and 6% of it comes from a mobile device and 3% is on a tablet. Interestingly a higher percentage of organic traffic is coming from a mobile device than from other forms of traffic.

And a smaller percentage of tablet traffic is coming from organic. So a higher percentage of people on the phone are find me through organic traffic rather than being referred to the site or directly going into the site.


There’s all kinds of things that you can do with this that I don’t do. Let’s go to acquisition and look at the overview. 60% of my traffic comes from google search, 21% comes from referrals from elsewhere, 17% comes by then just typing in byobwebsite.

So 17% of my traffic generally speaking would be my members. And the rest of this is traffic that may not be from members.

If we look at referrals you can see a lot of my referral traffic comes from email that I send out. But a handful of people use this search engine duck duck go. Some people come from Agility Skin, some people come from DIY Themes. So you can see the other sources of referral traffic.

Behavior – Important Pages

So that can be useful and also let’s go to behavior. Let’s look at site content. We can look at all pages and you can see your most important pages. My home page gets 12% of my traffic. My forum gets 3. Interestingly plugins for Thesis 2…oh, no this is Agility 3.2 and that gets 2% of my traffic. Course catalog gets 2%. So you can see where your important pages are.

And you can see how well your important pages do. My home page actually only has a 38.3% bounce rate so my home page is actually working pretty well for me. So is my Forum page. So is the Agility 3.2 page. The my dashboard page has a high bounce rate…I’m not sure why that would be the case.

On the other hand you can see my Website Building Seminars has 0 bounce rate. I guess it only had 1 entrance too. So that’s another way to look at it is you can look at Landing pages.

The first big landing page is the Home page and then the second one is How to Create a Registration Form Using Contact Form 7. That’s my second largest landing page. So people are out there searching for that page, finding it and then coming to that page.

If this is really so popular maybe what I need to do is take this and turn it into a big page. Where I talk all about Contact Form 7 and make it into something that people find really useful. And I should probably do that same thing with What’s the Difference between an Addon Domain and Subdomain. Interestingly a really old one, How to Create Semi Transparent Images in, still gets lots of traffic.

So some of these things are opportunities for me to use to encourage people to join the site or in one way or another make things useful to then. So there’s stuff you can learn from that too.

Trends in Traffic

One of the best things about it is you can observe trends in traffic. And see whether or not your traffic is up or down and that kind of thing. This isn’t the sum total of byob traffic, this is just the https byobwebsite traffic. There are actually 4 different access to byobwebsite.

There’s https, https://www – that’s the main one now, that’s the canonical one. That’s what we are looking at here. It used to http://www and that address still gets lots of traffic and lots of stuff is happening there. Sometimes what you need to do is look at all the different methods of getting to your site so you can see all of the different types of traffic.

Typically there are two means of traffic for a site it’s the www version and the one without. I have been using www now for 8 years since 2009 and I just changed to https. So the two big ones for me are the secure one with www and the non secure one with www. Ultimately it will all shift and the secure with www will be almost all of the traffic. I’ve been in this transition for 6 weeks or so it’s not that way yet.

And that is the sort of information that you can gather using Google Analytics.

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