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Tour Google Search Console

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We are finishing this lesson on Integrating a Professional Services Website with Google by taking a tour of the Google Search Console. We just configured the console and so now it’s time to take a look at what you can do in the console.

View Site Errors

It looks like we have an error in our sitemap. Oh, no. I haven’t moved over to Yoast on this site. I’d forgotten that I hadn’t had a chance to do that yet. So I’ve got some things to address as soon as I move this site all the way over to Yoast SEO.

Crawl Errors

But you can see whether or not there are any crawl errors. There were 375 not found errors this month. We can go through these and try and find them to the extent that we care about it.

You can see how often it’s crawled and how much data is picked up. We had a big flurry of new content added from mid January through the first part of February. Because we were adding all that new content lots of things got indexed.


We can see what sitemaps we have set up here. There are a handful of hints here for us. One of them says “confirm your preferred domain, the webmaster of the console property has changed the preferred domain be sure that you have search column…”. So let’s just confirm our actions there. Display the URL as www. That’s fine.

Structured Data

So then you can come along here and look at structured data. Since we are using Agility Skin 3.2 and Thesis 2 we’ve got structured data on it. We’ve got 4510 pages with structured data. We’ve got 8 errors in our structured data on 3 pages. So there’s some things to work on here.

Suggested HTML Improvements

It’s making some suggestions about HTML improvements. It finds 94 pages with duplicate meta descriptions. What that really means is very close meta descriptions. I’ve got so much content on my site about the same topic that it’s very difficult to have entirely unique meta descriptions or titles even.

For example, I’ve taught this same class, Build a Professional Services WordPress Website, for Genesis and Thesis 1.85, Thesis 2 and now Thesis 2.3. So there’s a lot of not strictly speaking duplicate content. The content is different because it’s talking about different technology at the time but it’s still talking about very similar subjects. I do run into possible issues there which you probably won’t.

Site Queries

You can see the big queries here. Contact Form 7 Registration form is a big one. This and this and Contact Form 7 have been big in searchs this month. So that means I should take advantage of that and make it into something. So those are the big search terms recently for my site.

Verifying Your Site

That’s the Google Search Console. Let’s go back over here to the dashboard and Google SEO and Webmaster Tools, that’s what this used to be called. Now it’s Google Search Console. Our site’s already verified so we don’t have to worry about that. But you can verify your site with Bing, etc.

Create a Backup of the Site

That’s pretty much it for integrating our site with Google. The last thing we have left to do of course is to come back over to the Skin Editor and Data Manager and we’ll create a new backup after Lesson 13.

Say okay to that. And with that one done we’ll do a real live BackupBuddy backup. We’ll do a complete backup and when this is done we will have nothing to lose.

How To Setup Testimonials

I’m looking at the questions you have here. Robin asks, “I’m wondering about video testimonials and tips on setting up and loading”. Well, Robin my recommendation to you would be to look at the BYOB Testimonials box here on my site.

I would start with this, it’s under Thesis 2.2 Boxes and then Testimonials Publishing System. This is where all the really important things happen in terms of setting up all of the review, schema and setting up stars and that sort of thing.

So I would start with this for testimonials unless you only have 2. If you only have a very small handful of testimonials this may not be that big a deal. However, if you’ve got a bunch of testimonials and you plan on getting a bunch more then you really do want your testimonials to have full complement of schema markup on them. This system is the easiest and most straightforward way of getting that.

You can find more information about that in my video series Supercharge Your SEO with Schema.

Do You Need Multiple Tracking Numbers for Multiple Sites?

Someone asks “I wonder if you have a number of tracking numbers for various sites.”. It doesn’t matter, presumably they are all under one gmail account. If they are not you can move them all to one gmail account.

It doesn’t matter how many of those you have. I have tracking numbers for all kinds of sites spread across different email accounts. It doesn’t matter. If you need to give yourself permission on a different email, create the property there in that email address and do it.

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