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Understanding the Parts of a WordPress Page

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We’re going to talk about the parts of WordPress page and the Agility page because next we’re going to start setting up an Agility page for our Professional Services website.

Four Main Areas in a WordPress Page

A typical WordPress page has a header, footer, content area and a sidebar. That is the default imagined WordPress page and almost every theme in the world comes with that as the base. Header, footer, content and sidebar make up the default base WordPress page.

Agility Page Areas

Agility is a little different. Conceptually we have the same thing so header, footer, content and sidebar but what we really have is stripes.

Header Area

The header actually consists of three pieces. The top header area, that’s this piece all along here. Then the main header area which is this piece along here. And then the top menu area which is this piece along here.

All three of those sections make up the conceptual header but when we go start setting them up we are setting each one of these things up individually. Because they all have their own potential settings.

Footer Area

The same thing is true with the footer. The footer actually has two sections, it has the top footer and the bottom footer. The two sections are set up separately.

Content Area

The content area which is, in this case, the whole area from just below the top menu area to just above the top footer area. That content area section has two columns in it . It’s got the content column which we already set at two thirds width and it has the sidebar column or the widget area column which is one third width.

If you would like more a detailed discussion about that you should come over and look at the videos on Agility. We do talk extensively in this overview of the Agility’s appearance and layout about each individual template and tell you what the parts are for each of those.

There’s another video, Understanding the Agility Page Layout that has diagrams and things like that. I’m not going to repeat that information here but I do encourage you to come and watch these videos in order to get more in-depth perspective on this in Agility.

But what I just showed you roughly gives you the idea of Agility’s page layout. It’s got a header area which is comprised of three pieces, it’s got a content area which has a couple of columns in it and it’s got two foot or footer area which is comprised of two pieces.

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