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Add a Call to Action Using a Visual Text Widget

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The next most useful kind of text widget for a professional business website is called a visual widget. This is essentially a text widget that has a visual editor like the WordPress editor.

Black Studio TinyMCE Plugin

In order to use this widget we need to install a plugin. Come over here to Plugins and Add New. And in that plugin area we are going to search for Black Studio TinyMCE. This is it right here. We’ll install that. There we go, it’s installed and now we can activate it.

Now we’ve got that activated we’ll come back over to Appearance and Widgets. Now when we scroll down here to the bottom we’ve got this visual editor widget. So let’s drag one up and drop it here.

Actually I’m going to take this Agility Page Content widget and drop it over here, that deletes it. Actually the same thing is true of these two as well. We don’t need them so let’s delete those.

Create the Call to Action

Now we just have our visual editor here so let’s open it up and create a Call to Action out of this. First we’ll add a title. And then I’ve got prepared text here that we can use. I’m going to cut this out. And come back over to the visual view.

Add a Submit Button

The first thing I want to do is take this text and turn it into a link. That’s the URL and add the link. Now I want to turn it into a button which means that I come back over and I have to edit this link tag. I have to add a class of “submit”. So, class equals submit. That’s going to make this into a button.

And then the other thing I want to do is add a link to the text “Click to learn more about this Course”. I’m going to use that one and then I’m going to give it a Heading 3. And we are going to center this one and center this one and center that one. And save it.

Let’s see what it looks like. Not too bad. We’re going to add some styles here which will fix this, the spacing here. And maybe we don’t want that centered, maybe that’s a mistake. I think I’d still center this though. There we go, that looks good.

So we’ve now got a Call to Action here. Next up we’re going to use this same type of widget to add a testimonial to our professional website.

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