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Using Blog Related Widgets

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We just added a photo gallery plugin to a widget for our professional services architectural WordPress website. And that brings us to the rest of the widget conversation.

Add List of Recent Posts to a Widget

For example, what I want to do is put a list of recent posts here. And Thesis has a very nice facility for that and it’s called the Thesis Killer Recent Entries. We can just come over here and grab it and it’s going here. And we can just call it Recent Articles and we are going to show 4 recent articles. We don’t care about number of comments or anything like that.

Now when we reload this we’ve got 4 articles here showing up. So this is an example of our blog related articles.

And the other thing I want to do is put that Category widget back in the main sidebar. Did I keep that? No, I didn’t. Let’s put Category widget there. And we won’t change anything on that. So note how it’s got Uncategorized in here? That’s the problem with the typical category widgets, there’s no way to for us to get rid of Uncategorized.

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