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Add Contact Information Using a Text Widget

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We’ve just looked at types of widgets available in WordPress for small business websites. As I just said the text widget is your workhorse widget. It can be used many ways.

Here we’re going to create a contact widget using a text widget. And I already have widget text set up for that so let’s start it off with this. I’m going to take the widget in my column 2 widget area in the footer I’m going to grab this prepared text and just drop the content in there. And say “Contact Us”.

How Adding Paragraphs Affects the Appearance

Now if I choose automatically add paragraphs, it’s going to put a paragraph around each one of these things. So if I do that and hit save, there I have it with essentially paragraph breaks in between them.

If I take that out so I don’t automatically add paragraphs that’s what it looks like. It strings all the text together and automatically add paragraphs keeps everything like that.

Add Javascript to a Text Widget

Now it’s not just text that you can put into this. You can also put javascript in there. For example, I’ve got this little piece of javascript from Linkedin that shows my Linkedin profile. I can just come right in here and paste that javascript. And now there it is and if you hover over it there’s all kinds of stuff like “link off to my Linkedin page”. And that’s because the text widget can take javascript in it.

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