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Styling Widgets in Agility 3.2

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We have created 3 different widgets here for the professional WordPress website we’re building. We have a contact information widget, a Call to Action widget and a Testimonial widget.

In order for us to style the widgets we have to come over here to Skin Design. First we are going to look at our built in widget styles.

Built in Widget Styles

We have the main sidebar widget style which is what this is here. This is the main sidebar widget area.

We have the footer widget style which is this section right through here, not the bottom footer but the main top footer.

We have the header widget which is in this section of the header here, not up here and not down there. It’s just in this section alone, so that middle section has a header widget style.

And then we’ve got a feature box widget and an attention box widget. The feature box widget can be found here. This is the feature box so if you choose a WordPress widget for the content of this then that feature box widget style would customize this.

The same thing is true for the attention box widget. If you widgetized these then you could use the attention box widget style to style them.

However, if you widgetized this area, there is no specific style setup for that. My feeling is that if you want to widgetize one of these areas, widgetize this area so you can style it. And if you still want it below this then you can learn some very basics of the Skin Editor on how to do that because it is very straightforward. But it does take some a rudimentary knowledge of the skin editor in order for you to do that.

And then finally we have these supplemental widget styles. Supplemental widget and supplemental 2 widget which can be applied to any widget anywhere on the site.

Those are the built in styles that you have available to you. Most of them are for a specific location in the template but a couple of them will let you use them anywhere.

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