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Build a Responsive Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2

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This is a 9 lesson video series that teaches a beginner how to create a mobile responsive website using WordPress and Thesis 2. If you are an independent professional, solo-preneur or small business owner who wants to create their own website then this course is tailor made for you. Professionals and small business owners have specific needs that are different than bloggers or internet marketers. This course focuses on those needs as well as making sure your site displays properly in all the current mobile devices.

This is the Thesis 2 version of Lessons 6-14 of our original Start Building Your Website Here series updated with the latest versions of the Thesis Theme and WordPress. If you are planning on using the Genesis theme or Thesis 1.8.5 be sure to watch the series designed for those platforms.

An example of the site we are creating can be found here. The site is a portfolio site for an architect, but the concepts can easily be used by contractors, engineers, real estate agents, insurance agencies and business coaches. The course will teach all of the tools and skills necessary to completely build a site like this.

The course begins with a WordPress website already installed on a domain. If you aren’t at that point already please go through Lessons 1-5 of the Start Building Your Website Here course. We have versions of those lessons for BlueHost, HostGator and InMotion Hosting.

Lesson 6 – Install Thesis 2 & Choose a Starting Skin

  • The Type of Site We are Creating
  • Why Use Thesis 2 for a Small Business Website?
  • Understanding Thesis 2 and Skins
  • Types of Thesis 2 Skins
  • Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – DIY Themes
  • Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – BYOBWebsite
  • Thesis 2 Skin Roundup – Other Skin Designers
  • Installing Thesis 2
  • Setup the Thesis Classic Responsive Skin
  • Install the Thesis Footer Widgets Box
  • Installing the BYOB Agility Free Skin

Lesson 7 – Organizing your Site

  • The Importance of Good Site Organization
  • How our Site is Organized
  • Using WordPress Tools to Organize the Site
  • Create the Pages

Lesson 8 – Setup the Appearance of your Site Using the Thesis 2 & WordPress Theme Settings

  • Understanding the parts of a Thesis 2 Classic Skin Page
  • Understanding the BYOB Agility Skin Page
  • Set up the Site Layout Using Skin Settings
  • Setup the Agility Header
  • Add a Background Image and Color
  • Create the Menu
  • Add the Menu to the Page
  • Style the Menu
  • Add a Second Menu to the Footer

Lesson 9 – Add Content to your Site

  • Using the WordPress Text Editor
  • Adding Text From Other Software
  • Styling Content for Readability
  • Developing your On-page SEO
  • Understanding the WordPress Media Settings
  • Introduction to the Media Library
  • Inserting Images into your Pages
  • Optimizing Images for the Web
  • Finding Images for Use on your Site
  • Using Photoshop Elements to Prepare your Images

Lesson 10 – Understanding and Using Plugins, Widgets, Boxes & Packages

  • Understanding WordPress Widgets
  • Types of WordPress Widgets
  • Understanding WordPress Plugins
  • Installing Plugins
  • Install and Configure the NextGen Gallery Plugin
  • Install Black Studio Tiny MCE Text Widget
  • Add Contact Information Using a Text Widget
  • Create a Call to Action Using a Text Widget
  • Add a Video Using a Text Widget

Lesson 11 – Using the Skin Editor to Configure and Style the Home Page

  • Create a New Package for Customizing the Widget Styles
  • Configure the Agility Feature Box
  • Add a Slide Show to the Feature Box
  • Add a Call to Action to the Feature Box
  • Style the Call to Action
  • Add Attention Boxes with the Agility Smart Widget Columns
  • Add Texts, Images and Links to the Attention Boxes

Lesson 12 – Add Blog Functionality to the Site

  • Understanding Blog Posts
  • Understanding the Blog Page
  • Understanding Categories and Tags
  • Setting Permalinks
  • How to Use Blog Related Widgets
  • Control which Widgets Display on which Pages
  • Using the Links Widget
  • Activating Akismet Anti-spam Plugin

Lesson 13 – Integrating your Site with Google

  • Create a Sitemap
  • Create a Google Account
  • Configure Webmaster Tools
  • Configure Google Analytics
  • Tour Webmaster Tools
  • Tour Google Analytics

Lesson 14 – Administrative Tasks

  • WordPress Backup Basics
  • How to Find your Site’s Files and Database
  • How to Backup your Site Manually
  • How to Backup your Site Automatically
  • How to Upgrade Plugins
  • How to Upgrade WordPress

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2 Comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Sandra Paolini January 10, 2013, 4:00 pm

    Hi… I followed the free tutorials for working with thesis 2.0.3 using the instructions you gave for the barking chihuahua cafe… I changed the header in pages as instructed, but since I have no images at this point I didn’t really need to do so… I was just testing it out; however I’m unable to change the header back to the original version… I got the site title back, but the tag line is completely missing from the header section and doesn’t appear on the right side where all the other stuff is. Am I missing something? All is still OK in the homepage, but I hadn’t messed with that.