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Lesson 10 – Part 10 – Understanding Packages

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What is a Package and What Does it Do?

The next thing we’re going to take a look at quickly is packages. Packages are similar to boxes in many respects except that a package is a Thesis 2 specific module that adds css to your site. The process of writing css happens on the administrative side of the site and so packages are never loaded when a regular web page is loaded.

Packages are only loaded and only act when the administrative side of the site is open and they always result in a package that’s available in the css section of the skin editor. They always result in a package that you can choose. And so in that way, they are different than boxes. Different because they don’t load on every page, different because they only produce css and different because they always result in a package that can be added to your site.

The Package Dashboard

And the packages dashboard is very similar to the boxes dashboard where you’ve got your boxes, select boxes. Package is the same way, select packages. And you got your upload package and your save package.

Upload and Add a Package

Well, before we can upload that package, we’re going to have to download it from here. So we’ll download the package and then I’m going to cut it out of my downloads folder and then place it in my website downloads folder. And then come back over to the package and say upload package. Choose the file. Again, choosing the one that says style after it. That’s my own naming convention. All of my packages have the word ‘style’ after them.

Activating a Package

Add the package and just like the boxes, in order to activate this, you would simply click on that and hit save packages. Again, just like packages, the name of the package, the version, the author’s name and the description.

Link Between Boxes and Packages

Now what should be obvious to you is that these are interdependent. The box needs this package in order to style it and the package doesn’t style anything if the box isn’t installed. So they are both dependent upon each other.

Installing in Thesis 2

And really, that’s all there is to it. The trick is just keeping track of where to install them. Plugins get installed from the install plugins menu. Themes get installed from the install themes. Skins get installed from the select skin. Boxes get installed from select boxes. Packages get installed from select packages.

And actually, notice that we have a update for the skin so I’m just going to go ahead and update the skins now. For my boxes and packages, this same thing will happen when there are updates available. You’ll have a little yellow box beside it and the way you update it is just by doing this. Yes, the skin update happened with great success.

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