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Lesson 12 – Part 8 – Control which Widgets Display on which Pages

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The last thing we’re going to do is work on controlling which widgets show up on which pages. We don’t have a lot of widgets here but it could be that we don’t want our article topics to show up on all of our pages. Say we only want those to show up on our blog pages. Well, you could either create a new template with a different sidebar or you can use a plugin like display widgets which is what we’re going to do here.

Using the Display Widgets Plugin

So we’re going to plugin and add new and we’re going to search for Display Widgets. This is the one so we can just go ahead and install this one now. Activate the plugin. What Display Widgets does is it adds a dialogue to each widget which allows you to choose where you want it to show up.

So let’s just say you only want article topics to show up on the blog posts. So the first question here is are you going to hide it on unchecked or are you going to show it on checked? It depends on how limiting you want this to be.

If you’re going to show it on most pages but not all, you might choose to hide it unchecked. But if you’re only going to show it on a couple of pages, you might choose to only show it unchecked.

I’m going to use show unchecked here and I’m going to show it on the blog page, on archives pages, on a single post page, on the 404 page and on the search page. But I’m not going to show it on any of my page pages. And I’m not going to show it on any slides, obviously, and I think we’re good right there.

Let’s hit save and I’ll come over to testimonials. You can see that widget is no longer here. But if I come over to articles, that widget is here. And if I go to a single post, that widget is also here. So it is a very powerful little tool for helping you manage where widgets should show up and where they should be hidden.

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