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Lesson 12 – Part 9 – Question and Answer 3

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How Can I Preview the Carta Skin before its Release?

Okay next up, David asks, “How does one get the Carta skin to take a look?” David, just send me an email. It’s in beta right now. If you’d like a beta copy, I’ll send you a beta copy. It’ll be publicly released sometime… I don’t know. I’m not sure when it’s going to be publicly released. But if Thesis 2.04 comes out pretty quickly then it will be released then. Then if it looks like it’s going to drag on then it will get released later. I mean, it will get released sooner. So send me an email.

Organizing a Musician’s Site

Okay, Blake’s got another question. Good morning, Blake. I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Blake: Good afternoon here.

Rick: Good afternoon.

Blake: If you hear any noises, I got a dog beside me who’s snoring away.

Rick: Okay.

Blake: Anyway, I just want to make sure I’ve got the… this straight conceptually. I’ve been describing concrete terms. I’m doing something for a very talented musician who also teaches and produces… produces his recording. And he’s somehow reliant to blog posts… the ideas, right? So I want to know off the main menu, after nav menu, the stuff in which there are going to be blogs and possibility of commenting and interacting a bit, that is a single page that you use as a template?

Rick: Well, it’s… the template itself is the home template.

Blake: Home template. But it’s a blog template in other words.

Rick: Right. In this case, the word ‘home’ means posts page or blog page.

Blake: Yeah. That’s the kind of thing that’s got me a little…

Rick: Yeah.

Blake: So in other words, to stack other… like, I don’t know the terminology… stack other categories of posts in the drop down menu, what are the “views’ that I’m actually using? I’ve got… the static page itself on the opposite side but different things. So if I’m doing essentially the blog section of the site…

Rick: The blog section of the site uses essentially 3 different views. It uses the home page view which is all of the blog posts in order with the latest post at the top. It uses the single post view which is the entire single post but only one post. And that’s where the commenting and all that stuff happens. And then it has the archive view which is if you put a category on your menu and somebody clicks on that, that would be a category archive page.

Blake: Alright. There’s one more follow on on that and that is the… I don’t know how much you might be familiar with this but just in the… for example, management of the art level, right? It’s… but also, in the studio, there’s a way that they should be connected to generally certains sounds on that. But the crossover between 2 sections… in other words…

Rick: And so what you’re saying is that you’ve got one hierarchy of information and then another hierarchy of information. But information in one hierarchy is still applicable to the other.

Blake: That’s right.

Rick: So that’s what tags are for. Tags are very good at cross hierarchy connections.

Blake: Okay, alright. So one level down below categories, okay.

Rick: Yeah.

Blake: Okay, that’s great. I would love that to stay in my head but I really do have one other question that drives me crazy. And it’s about J shortcodes.

Rick: Yeah.

Blake: I’m trying to eradicate a margin that goes with the box. And I’m not having success in lining up something inside a column. In other words…

Rick: Can you give me a URL?

Blake: No I can’t because I don’t have it on. But… oh I got it. Hold on a sec. So are you golfing down there?

Rick: I am not golfing. I’m not a golfer. But we are doing a bunch of hiking and drinking cocktails in the sunshine.

Blake: That’s great. I’ve been down there. Anyway, I got… I’m not sure what I did with it. I’ve got it up now. It’s just the start of it.

Rick: Can you give… just read the URL to me, I’ll type it in.

Blake: It’s a name. cliftondavidbroadbridge, all together.

Rick: Okay, spell it for me.

Blake: Clifton David Broadbridge.

Rick: Okay at the moment, I’m getting a page that hasn’t been styled yet. I’m getting the home page…

Blake: I have the Thesis 2 in the preview or whatever that is.

Rick: Yeah, why don’t you go ahead and activate it so I can see it?

Blake: Uh oh, not the right one. Appearance and Themes. Okay, that’s the good news. Okay, I’m in Thesis Manage Themes, Appearance and… I’m not on a page. I know where that is.

Rick: Well, you want to go to Select A Skin.

Blake: Alright, there I am. That work?

Rick: Yeah, perfect. Okay so…

Blake: See that little red band that’s actually a border wrap? I was trying to line up the margin. Now it’s on the left edge. There’s an index or not an index… the margin in the J shortcode that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve tried a number of different things in CSS. I’ve gone down in Firebug and checked out you know, what the actual class is. I can’t seem to ship that over to the last you know… what is it, 8 pixels?

Rick: Well, the selector is .jbox.

Blake: Yeah, it’s true with… a number of different attempts. But I’ve never been successful in taking this margin to 0.

Rick: Well, probably the easiest thing to do is this. Inside of your custom css, what I would do is… let’s see, where are we? We’re inside of a headliner so I would say .headliner .jbox margin: 0 semi-colon that. And I would put that in custom css. I’m going to paste this in the chat window for you.

Blake: Great.

Rick: I would paste that in custom… or yeah, put that in custom css which is right here.

Blake: Okay so that will… that is the most specific when I put up the…

Rick: Yeah well this is the perfect place to put that kind of code. And by putting .headliner in here, we’ve made this rule more specific than J codes’ rule. And so this rule take precedence over it.

Blake: Alright. Yes, I hope anyway… I have one last question. What would you recommend is the downloads plugin? Obviously, MP3s are going to be main stay but there are also the videos and the videos and the instructions…

Rick: Well… and people are going to click on a link and download the mp3s, is that the deal?

Blake: Yep.

Rick: The trick to that is that lots of times what will happen is somebody clicks on it and they’ll just start to play.

Blake: Yep.

Rick: So the easiest way to beat that is to store it in Amazon S3 and then you can give Amazon the instruction not to play it when it’s clicked on.

Blake: Okay. But also, in this day and age in the music business, a free download like the… is just about… launch the release, a free download from the thing. That’s kind of rough. I think I get the picture of… I’ve got Amazon S3 for paid downloads. But there also has to be a free download.

Rick: Yes, absolutely. It’ll definitely would be used a free download system and if it’s going to happen a lot, you’d probably want to do it that way because it won’t slow the site down. And so I would definitely put it on Amazon S3 and then use their tools for preventing it from playing. You could also put one on the site where they can preview play it and it could be a normal link and it’ll play. And then you’d have the download link which would be the download version of it.

Blake: No, commercially… getting into the site you know… or something.

Rick: Yeah. Right.

Blake: Well, I think I get it. I’ll be alright.

Rick: Well and if you… you know, you might search the site for Amazon S3 and forced download. As I did a… I did do a seminar or a Live Answer about that probably a year ago or so. Let’s see, forced download Amazon. Okay so I’d provide a link to download a video. I think this is the one and…

Blake: I’ll look it up. I know how to get there.

Rick: Okay. Yeah, this is the one I was thinking of and so there’s a little video showing how to set it up on… how to set up Amazon so that when it serves it, it serves it with instructions to the browser not to open up but just to download it.

Blake: Great. Hey, are you in Palm Springs?

Rick: I’m in Desert Hot Springs which is just across the road from Palm Springs.

Blake: Have you found the beer hunter yet?

Rick: I have not.

Blake: That’s okay… anyway, thank you so much. You saved me so much time you know, searching through these plugins with your core knowledge for the actual use. So thanks.

Rick: Well, you bet. Thank you. Bye bye.

Font Settings/Styles Issues

Okay, one last question I guess for Penny. Let’s see, where is Penny? Good morning, Penny.

Penny: Hi Rick.

Rick: Actually, it’s just about good afternoon, isn’t it?

Penny: Well, it’s way into the afternoon for me here.

Rick: Oh, I thought you were on the west coast, I’m sorry.

Penny: I’m having a problem with my font settings. I’m using your Agility widget styles and I’m changing the font styles. But it’s not accepting them. When I look in Firebug, it’s scratching them. It’s not accepting them.

Rick: Okay so we’re on the Leader’s Edge…

Penny: /homepage.

Rick: Yeah. And…

Penny: You have to get to the Products page. You’ll see my sidebar.

Rick: Okay.

Penny: Now I have a title there but you can’t see it because I want it to be hidden so I made it the same color.

Rick: Okay.

Penny: And I’m trying to just make it 4 pixels large. And I did that but like it’s… I think… when I look in the Firebug, it’s not accepting the 4 pixels that I give it.

Rick: Sidebar menu’s widget title. Yeah because the Agility skin settings are taking precedence so what you need to do is add Agility to this. So if you said .agility .sidebarmenus .widget title then it would be more specific. Or you could also probably just do .widget .sidebarmenus .widget title. Either one of those two things.

Penny: .widgets or .agility?

Rick: .widget without a space between the next dot or .agility with a space.

Penny: Okay.

Rick: Because the way this thing work is that the sidebar menus style is styling the same div as the widget. So that’s why it would be .widget .sidebar menus rather than .widget .sidebarmenus.

Penny: Okay, .widget no space or .agility with the space.

Rick: Right.

Penny: So they both work?

Rick: They probably will both work, yes.

Penny: Okay, great. Thank you, sir.

Rick: You’re welcome. Is that it?

Penny: Yes.

Rick: Okay. Well, have a good day.

Penny: You too.

Rick: Bye bye.

Okay well that’s the last question I have to so… oh no, Eve asked when will this video be up? This video will be up by Wednesday and the one I asked my guy to speed on should probably be up before that. So both of these will be up before Wednesday.

So everybody have a lovely day and we will chat with you all again soon. Bye bye.

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1 comment… add one
  • Cheryl August 4, 2013, 9:11 pm

    Hi Rick,
    I am currently using Thesis 2.1 Classic responsive and on my blog page I chose to use the excerpt rather than full content. My problem is I am have tried several options/combination for the “Read More” to show up at the end of the excerpt for people to click on to keep reading the blog with no success. Any how this is possible? It seems strange to me there is an option under content for read more test but not for excerpt. About the time I think I am understanding this new thesis I get thrown a curve ball.
    Anyhow I would greatly appreciate your insight on this one.
    Thank you,

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