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Lesson 12 – Part 4 – Thesis Classic Display Configurations

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Now we’re going to talk about the way Thesis Classic displays its content and Thesis Classic has 4 display configurations.

First Display Configuration – Typical Page Template

The first configuration is the page and inside the page it uses the single post box. And inside the single post box, you’ll notice that there is something that was not in the active area or in the tray that we saw before. This is a container that Chris created and it’s just a wrapping container. And inside of that wrapping container is his headline and his edit link. And then outside of that headline area, he’s got the content. So that’s the typical page.

Let’s look at a standard page and here that’s our About page since our other typical doesn’t have any content. Anyway, it’s got the headline area with the headline and an edit link. And there’s that edit link in the headline. And it’s got the content.

Now, notice that it has no images whatsoever. It doesn’t have the featured image, the Thesis thumbnail, the post image. It isn’t using any of these other aspects and the page just got a headline, an edit link and the content.

Second Display Configuration – Single Template

Similar to this is the single template. The single template also uses the single post box. It also uses this headline area wrapper that he’s inserted. But now, he’s also inserted a byline. And so you’ve got your headline area and inside of that you’ve got your headline. Then you’ve got another wrapper called the byline and inside is the author, the date and the edit. And then outside of the headline area again is the content.

And so if we go over and take a look at Hello World, here’s his single post. It’s got the name or the headline. It’s got the author. It’s got the date and it’s got the edit link and then the full content. But notice he’s also using the single post box twice in two different contexts but he’s organized it differently in each template.

That is possible for you to do. He doesn’t have more than one single post box. He’s only got one single post box that he’s using in both the single and in the page. But he’s put different content in it.

Third Display Configuration – Home Template

Okay, the next step is the home. And the home has a different post box which he calls the home post box. The home post box includes a headline area with a byline, very similar to the way it was before or the way it is in the single post box. But it also includes this num comments wrapper which displays the number of comments for each individual posts and then has that dependent box inside of it.

So if we come over here and look at the article, the post page, here is the title and that byline and then the content and then that comment wrapper. That’s what shows up on the home.

Fourth Display Configuration – Archive Template

And then finally, his fourth one is his archive. Again, the archive uses the home post box but in this case, it’s using the headline area. And all it does is the headline and the byline. So it’s not using content at all here. It’s just using the title of the post and then the author, date and edit link. No content whatsoever.

We can’t go look at uncategorized. But if we could look at uncategorized, it would just show Hello World by Rick Anderson, December 11 2012 edit. That’s all it would have and that would be the end of that entry. And then it would have another title. So if you want just to show titles in an archive page, that’s what Thesis 2 Classic does.

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