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Lesson 13 – Integrating your Site with Google

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In lesson 13 of our Build a Responsive Professional Website using Thesis Theme 2, we show how to integrate your WordPress site with Google. We begin by showing you how to create a sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps and how to verify that it’s working. Then we show how to create a Google Account which is necessary before you can use Google Anayltics and Webmaster Tools.

We take you on a tour of both Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to give you a sense of what they tell you about your website and where you find the information. And we show how to configure both of these tools.

Create a Sitemap

  • Download Google XML Sitemaps
  • Set Plugin Options
    • Basic Options
    • Additional Pages
    • Post Priority
    • Location of your sitemap file
    • Sitemap Content
    • Excluded Items
    • Change Frequencies
    • Priorities
  • Generate Sitemap
  • Verify Sitemap

Create a Google Account

  • Create a Gmail account

Configure Google Analytics

  • Create Analytics account
    • Account name
    • URL
    • Timezone
    • Data sharing
    • User agreement
  • Get Analytics tracking code
    • Choose the correct tracking
    • Copy the code
  • Add Tracking code to site
    • Thesis Site >> Tracking Scripts
  • Verify tracking code
    • View source
    • Analytics Admin
      • Account Admin
      • Select account name
      • Select Tracking Code
      • Website Tracking

Tour Google Analytics

  • Audience
    • Overview
    • Demographics – Location
    • Behavior – Frequency & Recency
    • Behavior – Engagement
  • Traffic Sources
    • Overview
    • Sources – Referrals
    • Sources – Search – Organic
      • add a secondary dimension
      • look at new visitors only
  • Content
    • Pages
    • Landing pages
  • Advanced Segments

Configure Webmaster Tools

  • Add a site
  • Verify Ownership
    • Alternate method
    • GA tracking code
  • Add Sitemap

Tour Webmaster Tools

  • Dashboard
  • Site Configuration
  • Diagnostics

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