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Lesson 13 – Part 3 – Configure Google Analytics

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Now that we’ve created that Google account, we’re going to configure Google Analytics. And this is a place in which Thesis 2 is different than Thesis 1.85 and from Genesis.

Configuring Google Analytics for Thesis Theme 2

So once we’ve got our Gmail account set up, we’re going to come over and do that now. Okay, my email that I have set up is This is the first time I’ve set up Analytics on this and so I’m just going to say sign up. And I’m going to track a website and I’ll add the website name.

Then paste the URL there. Now obviously, I don’t need http in here twice so I’m just going to back that part out. You can choose whether it’s http or https. You are going to be http unless you know otherwise.

And so then select the category that your website is best in and for an architecture site, I guess we’re going to call it business and industrial markets. Time zone is your time zone here. I’m going to, in this case, say Start Building Your Website here as my account name. And we’ll go ahead and share our data with other Google products and anonymously with Google and others. You are dependent upon Google information so you might as well share information with Google.

And what we’re doing here is we’re creating an account and we’re creating a web property. You can have lots of different web properties under the same account. So Start Building Your Website here is the name of this account and Lesson 12 is the property inside of that account. Then once you’re done filling that stuff out, you click that saying “Get tracking ID”. Go ahead and accept Google’s terms of service.

Review Your Google Analytics Account

And once that happens, it pops you over here to this page where now this is your web property name. That’s the default URL. This is the UA number that they give you and this number is the number that you want. Notice that it says, “Status: Tracking is not installed”.

No Tracking Code Needed for Thesis 2

Now in other themes and in previous versions of Thesis, you would go get tracking code. But with Thesis 2, you don’t need to get the tracking code. All you need to do is get the UA number. So we’ll copy our UA number and I’m going to come back over to our website here under Thesis.

Paste UA Number in Tracking Scripts

Let’s just go to Thesis home actually. And under Site, notice the thing called tracking scripts? Just click on tracking scripts and just paste that UA number, the Google Analytics tracking ID in this location. You don’t have to add tracking scripts or anything like that. All you have to do is put the UA number and Thesis will take care of all the rest of that stuff.

Once you hit save tracking scripts, if you view the site and let’s see…I want to view the page source. Now what you’re going to see is tracking script here that didn’t exist before. This tracking script was not on the site until after we placed this UA number.

Once we place this UA number, Thesis 2 automatically places the tracking script inside of the body as the first element of the body. And that speeds up the loading of the site and decreases the clutter of the head. This is the system that Thesis has chosen to use and it works quite well. And all you really need is that number.

Testing the Tracking

Okay so now that you have that taken care of, now you want to come back over to this and you want to go ahead and hit save. And I think perhaps saving has it go out and test the tracking. Okay, so our property settings, profiles. We come over to our property and I just want to make sure that we are here…okay, it looks like we’re there. Obviously, we don’t have any traffic currently. But as time progresses, you’ll start seeing the traffic that shows up here.

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