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Lesson 13 – Part 5 – Configure Webmaster Tools

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Now that we’ve configured Google Analytics, the next aspect of this is configuring Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools is the second big Google tool that you have at your disposal for testing and maintaining your site health.

Add a Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Once you’ve set up this Google account, your Gmail account, you’re going to come over to Webmaster Tools and you’re going to add a site. So I’ll add this site here… there’s our site. Go ahead and continue.

Verify You Own Your Website

Another thing you have to do is verify that you actually own this website. And what we’re going to do is look at our alternate methods. Now you could actually use your Google Analytics account to do this but I want to show you the HTML meta tag method because this is something that Thesis 2 automatically includes.

Let’s copy the content so everything inside of content equals… I guess we’re just going to have to copy this and paste it into a text file. And then everything in between those quotation marks is what you copy so it’s just the content.

Copy that, come back over to Thesis 2 and in the head editor, open up site verification and place that verification information right there. Close it, save the HTML head, refresh your page. View the page source and now we’ve got this meta name, Google site verification, content equals that.

So if we come back over to Webmaster Tools now and we hit verify, it’s this ‘Congratulations! You’ve successfully verified the ownership of your site.’

Identify Your Sitemap

Now what we have to do is identify our sitemap. So what we’re going to do here is submit a sitemap. Click here on no sitemaps and we’re going to add test a sitemap. Remember, the name of that sitemap was sitemap.xml. So we’ll test the sitemap.

This says the test was complete. It’s got 21 web pages submitted, no errors. Okay, so we’re closing the test. We’ll try that one more time now, sitemap.xml and we’ll submit the sitemap. Sitemap is submitted. Let’s just refresh the page once.

And once we’ve done that, you can see it records the fact that it has been submitted. There are 21 pages in the submission and there are no errors in the submission. Now have a properly configured Google Analytics that has Google Analytics tracking code and Google Webmaster Tools that has your sitemap.

And every time you change your site map, this site map’s going to be updated. But Webmaster Tools communicates with Google Analytics and everything gets reindexed.

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