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Lesson 6 – Part 10 – Install the Thesis Footer Widgets Box

Now that we have the Thesis 2 Classic Responsive Skin setup, the next thing we’re going to do is install a box. Specifically, we’re going to install is my Thesis footer widgets box. This is a box that’s available to free members here on the site.

Let’s come over to Thesis 2.1 boxes. Every box that I have works just fine in Thesis 2.2 even though the menu item currently says 3.2.1. Here’s the BYOB Simple Footer Widgets for the Thesis Classic Responsive Skin.

This Box Works with DIYThemes Skins

This actually works on all of the DIY skins so it works in Personified, Promo, Social Triggers as well as Classic Responsive but it does not work in my skins so you don’t want to use it on my BYOB Website skins. All you do is just download it here.

How to Upload, Add and Activate a Box

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can come back over here to Thesis home and then over to boxes and manage boxes and then upload the box. Choose the file, find it in downloads and it’s byob-classic-footer-widgets.

Add the box then say okay to that. We’ve now added the box but it’s not been activated so all you have to do to activate it is just to put a checkbox in it and save the boxes and it will be activated.

What the Box Does

This is a box that adds something to the boxes menu. It adds this footer widgets option to the menu giving you essentially a choice of how many footer widgets you want to add, 1 through 4. We’re going to add 3 footer widgets to it and click save.

Add Content to the New Footer Widget Areas

Now that we’ve done that, when we come over to Appearance and Widgets, now we have Footer Widget 1, Footer Widget 2 and Footer Widget 3 showing up here. I’m going to take Archives and drop it into 1, I’m going to take Recent Posts and drop it into 2 and I’m going to take Contact Us and drop it into 3.

When we reload this, we’ll now have these 3 footer widgets located in here taking the styles that we created earlier. These widgets are responsive so as you scroll down, they stack and then stack again so it maintains the responsiveness and you can change this.

We come back over here to Thesis home, go to the footer widgets box. If we make it 4 widgets and come back over to Appearance and Widgets, now we’re going to have a fourth widget box. I’m going to still take Contact Us and drop it into 4 and then I’m going to grab my categories widget and drop it there, take my Learn to Build text widget and drop it in sidebar. Let’s refresh it.


Here we go, here we’ve got 4 now and it’s all nice and responsive. It drops into two side by side and then drops down to 4 stacked. That’s how you add a box and how you configure the Thesis footer widgets box.

Now, some beginners try to find the box in the Skin Editor after they’ve added it but this is a box that does not create anything inside the skin editor and you’re never going to see it there. This is really designed for beginners and designed specifically so that beginners don’t have to do anything in the skin editor to get a nice 4 widget column setup like that in their footer.

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